UlangoTV Premium Plus Newsletter October 2018

Once again there is much to report. It does not get easier – the IPTV world. The more we become known, the more annoyed some providers seem to be because you can find so many interesting streams from the Internet through our app. They mean we are an illegal ReStreamer. We are not – we do not copy content but only pass URLs of the ReStreamer, as the search engines do. But still both Amazon and Google have taken us out of their app stores. But fortunately, there are other methods to install our app – the most important ones are described below.

Blockades of ReStreamers

In some countries, especially the UK, authorities and providers have begun to consistently block the ReStreamer servers – at first only during major sporting events – and now at other times too. Unfortunately, this also affects the Premium Plus streams. The only way to safely bypass these locks are VPN networks to foreign countries. We can not give any general recommendations here, since these nets are also the target of blockades. And the better known the nets the greater the likelihood of blockings. But you may like to ask me for a solution in the chat ;-). The providers are indeed very creative to find new blocking techniques. But so far there have always been ways out. If it gets really bad, unfortunately the only the way is to terminate the subscription. That goes with the Premium Plus to month sections with a 14-day lead.

Experience has shown that the blockades are never longer term and that the ReStreamer always find ways to publicize their offers. So please do not give up too fast.

Favorites lists

For a long time there was the problem that red streams could not be placed in the favorites. The error is now fixed.
It is also fixed that under certain conditions the favorites could not be filled from the stream form.

One more word about the very long favorites lists. The lists must be compiled individually for each user. This generates an enormous amount of computation each time the list is called, if the lists should exactly match the current state in our database. To put a cap on this, starting from 50 entries per list, we use a cache which is not updated more than once in 2 hours. Even 50 is still very much. I recommend smaller lists of up to 20 entries to use, which then load very quickly. It is possible to use any number of lists with meaningful names.
In any case, navigation over the given channel lists is much faster. They are updated every 10 minutes, are transmitted in compressed form and are super fast. Navigating via swipe or using DPAD / up / down is also very fast, even with very long lists.

Search Orders – FSK18

Let me remind you that VOD and XXX Channel can only be seen if the checkbox “Want FSK18” has been clicked on the website in the search orders (do not forget to refresh at the bottom of the page). FSK18 is a German term indicating stuff that should only be watched by adults from 18 up.

We have created filters to limit the stream selection. Most people use the “No search limits” button. When that switch is set, of course, individual filters no longer need to be set. When these filters are cleared, the page loads much faster.

VOD subtitles and VLC upgrade

There are now increasingly streams that have subtitles in multiple languages. So far you could not evaluate this in the app. From version 3.1.18 there is an extension in the app. Now not only the audio tracks but also the subtitles can be selected via the video popup. The latest version is already available from http://ulango.tv/uploads/3beta.apk. It also includes an upgrade to a newer version of internally used libVLC (3.0.4).

New versions

A comment on new versions. There are now more and more changes that can only be realized through a new version of the app. Unfortunately, upgrades can no longer be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Amazon App Store. So I would like to urge you to switch to the installations by downloading from our website (SideLoad). The procedures are well-proven and will be described below. I do not want to see any more versions <3.1.17. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of installations.

Our new online chat

Recently, we offer an online chat (bottom right) on our website. If I’m online, then you can contact me directly there. Please register on the website first, so that I do not have to ask so much. For me, this is a good “brain jogging”. Much like simultaneous chess on several boards. Let’s see how long I can stand it ūüėČ

The Universal URL – UlangoTV streams on every player !!

Most likely, most of you have not noticed this new feature and its meaning is unclear.

There is always the desire to run a TV channel or film on a device on which the app UlangoTV is not running. So, for example on your Windows PC, on Linux on the Mac, on the iPhone or Apple TV, on the ChromeCast, on the SmartTV, etc. We will certainly never have our app on all these devices. we simply do not have the time. But of course the streams run everywhere, provided you know their URL. You know that for various reasons we do not issue M3U lists with our URLs. One reason is the sheer size and update frequency. We typically have> 25,000 streams with updates every 10 minutes. The moment you would have loaded the list, it would be outdated again. Another reason is that the lists are all personalized so you can only run with your IP. Once the lists would be used elsewhere, your account would be suspended.

What is the solution? A personalized URL for every Premium Plus user. This URL can be found in your account page on ulango.tv in the status. This URL can be entered once in any player – e.g. the VLC, which runs everywhere. The URL never changes. And it’s playing the last stream you’ve started in the UlangoTV app. So that there is no hassle with changing IP addresses, the player should be in the same network.

Sounds a bit like magic, right? But it is easy. The Universal URL is dynamically converted at our server into the actual Stream URL. But please do not try to hack or distribute the StreamURLs. You will destroy your own account – and money is gone.

Installation methods

Fire TV

The last version that could be downloaded from the Amazon Store was 3.1.8. Many of the Premium Plus users are still stuck on this version. This version is still working, but newer features such as logout / login for account selection and the choice of subtitle languages ‚Äč‚Äčare not implemented there. The basic procedure is described in my blog article “Installing Apps on the Fire TV without the Amazon App Store (revised June 2018)”. The simplest version is the use of the “Downloader”, which you can download for free from the Amazon Store: Downloader download.

It is important that you make arrangements before downloading the app UlangoTV +:

  1. The old version must be completely deleted. Go to the un Settings => Applications => Manage Installed Apps => UlangoTV+ => Uninstall => Uninstall. Once a version has been installed in this way, this is no longer necessary for later versions.
  2. Loading from sources of unknown origin must be allowed: Go to Settings => Device => Developer Options => Apps from unknown Sources => Turn on

UlangoTV+ can then be downloaded with the Downloader by entering the URL http://ulango.tv/uploads/3.apk. For newer beta enter¬† …./3beta.apk. The loaded APK is placed under the files and can be reinstalled from there in case of problems.
You can also at any time go back to the downloaded version of Amazon: Uninstall UlangoTV+ from the app settings. The logo with the download cloud stays and from there you can load the old version again.

Android TV e.g. Sony Bravia

Previously, it could be installed directly from the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the app UlangoTV+ is no longer listed there.
Now it has to be done via the “SideLoad” installation. The easiest way is possible, when on another Android device the .APK is already loaded. With the app “ES File Explorer” on both sides it is possible to send or receive apps. To install, you must have enabled downloading apps from unknown sources in developer mode. Several videos about Sideload Android TV can be found on Youtube. Since the apps loaded in this way do not appear in the home screen, the additional use of the “Sideload Launcher” makes sense here.

Any Android SmartPhone or tablet or Android box

Previously, it could be installed directly from the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the app UlangoTV+ is no longer listed there. But it can now be downloaded directly from our website – e.g. loaded with the Chrome browser from http://ulango.tv/uploads/3.apk. Get the newer beta from …./3beta.apk.


A Warm Welcome to our New Users

updated on 2018-10-03

Great Рyou found your way to UlangoTV. We are promising an interesting journey and some new TV experiences!  Thousands of  world-wide channels are waiting for you to be discovered Рmore than anywhere else!

You probably saw it on our website already: UlangoTV comes in two flavors now: UlangoTV IPTV Explorer and UlangoTV+ EPG-IPTV Explorer

  • UlangoTV is the entry version for Free IPTV Viewing, for Premium subscribers and for Premium Trial Users
  • UlangoTV+ is the comfort version for Premium Plus subscribers and Premium Plus Testers

The App is under continuous development. The newest Versions of UlangoTV are available from our website: (UlangoTV, UlangoTV+).

What can you expect from UlangoTV?

For us it is very important that the expectations of our users are set correctly, because UlangoTV is in many ways different from most other products in the IP-based TV world.

We do not get content from content owners or illegal re-streamers for re-streaming via our own servers Рwhich of cause would be illegal! Rather we search the web with our highly specialized search engine for stream URLs, which we then pass filtered and enriched with channel infos to our player Рthe UlangoTV IPTV Explorer. So every user connects directly to different streaming servers. Often there are several alternatives to a stream, which can be selected via arrow keys.  This way we get a long term dynamic coverage of channels which is far ahead of other iptv app providers.  Currently coverage is up to 6500 channels worldwide!

Our Service

If you have already searched the net for streams, you know that millions of stream URLs are easy to find in so called M3U lists, but of which only a very small fraction actually works.

Our job is to screen this giant mass of thousands of new streams daily for easy viewing and to disable bad or expired stuff as fast as possible. This is a huge constant effort that we offer as a service for a small monthly fee of just 3‚ā¨ per month (on a 12 month subscription).

Quality of Streams and some Tips

With this huge amount of streams that changes daily, it can happen that sometimes a station is not covered at all or only with very bad streams. Please do not complain about the quality of streams. We do our best to keep a good channel coverage. Make us aware of problems via our StreamFeedback form (Position the selector in the channel list on the stream and press the menu key or long-touch on the information on the right). E.g. you can tell us when there is no audio on the stream, or the stream has been associated with a wrong channel. Our most active users are granted extra viewing months on a regular basis.

Sometimes patience helps when a stream freezes, because in such cases the player tries to apply a time-shift to get a better streaming quality. There are streams that have a time-shift of several minutes.

Fast browsing of the channel list sometimes puts a heavy load on the servers which results in connection problems.

There are also significant variations at times of the day. At prime time, many of the servers are heavily loaded. The way you are connected to your local network via the provider and its backbone to international networks, has great influence. Cable service users tend to be better off on HD or FHD streams. Wi-Fi is a bad solution if there are many networks in the neighborhood that are on the same wavelengths.

New in Version 2.2.8(UlangoTV) and 3.1.8(UlangoTV+): EPG and Premium Plus Option

The app includes an electronic program guide. We obtain the data from an open source project Rytec. We show information on the current program and the following program and for quick orientation.

With the Premium Plus options, we serve users who have special quality requirements for the streams and are willing to spend a little more on them. You should ask for a short Test of this option, when you are experiencing to many connection problems.

Your Opinion matters and is important to us!

We answer some frequently asked questions in our FAQ (see the link at the bottom of our home page).

Of course, we appreciate any positive review in the Amazon Store oder Google Play Store. But please let the valuation of individual streams aside and make a valuation in our context. Usually it’s the stream – do not blame the UlangoTV concept.

We also welcome feedback via the red feedback button on the left of our website and promise to answer every question in a timely manner.

It’s still cheap!

An annual subscription costs regularly ‚ā¨48 and ‚ā¨98.40 for the Premium Plus. For a 3-month subscription we take 16‚ā¨ and 27,6‚ā¨ with Premium Plus. We accept online orders in the Ulango TV Shop (https://ulango.tv/shop), but only with PayPal or Bank Transfer.¬† May be our offering does not fit your needs – no problem – there is a 14-day money back – no questions – guarantee. Our recommendation is a 3-month-subscription for 16 ‚ā¨ and probably a short test of our Premium Plus option. The real value of UlangoTV can only be recognized with in depth usage. Example: You like music videos? With UlangoTV you’ll find channels you never heard of.


Questions? Feedback?

Please do not hesitate to contact us – as said, either with the red feedback button on our website ulango.tv (http://ulango.tv) or email to support@ulango.tv.

We know UlangoTV is a fairly complex service with thousands of TV channels served by a constantly changing set of streams of varying quality from the free internet. We are the platform that makes most stations worldwide visible on TV with just a few clicks. We need your feedback for further improvements.

We wish you many helpful experiences and much fun while using UlangoTV IPTV Explorer!

Some important Links for Ulango TV

Ulango TV Website
Ulango TV Shop:

My Search Orders
My Playlists
M3U Import
Ulango TV Blog
FAQ und FAQ Blog Artikel

UlangoTV App Downloads:

UlangoTV , UlangoTV+

UlangoTV , UlangoTV+


FAQ UlangoTV App

At this location we are collecting actual  and frequent questions (FAQ) around the Android App UlangoTV.

Missbehaviour of the App
  Repair Network Freezes
  Recover from a frozen or missbehaving App
    Recover on the Amazon Fire

Versionen der App UlangoTV
  Direct Installation of UlangoTV without Google or Amazon
  Installation of Apps on the Fire TV without Amazon App Store

Color Codes – Yellow – Blue – Magenta – Red
¬†¬†I have Premium, but I don’t see blue, magenta or red – why?

Availability and Quality of Streams
  Yesterday I had 50 channels Рnow there are only 12 Рwhy?

Missbehaviour of the App

Unfortunately, it happens sometimes that the app actually or apparently freezes or crashes and can not be re-started. The reasons are complex and mostly are on non-repairable errors in the interface between the software and the Android hardware. Here we first describe how to get out of the problem.

Repair Network Freezes

Most freezings are network related: ¬†The app waits for some network operation to finish, but cannot be interrupted in that state. ¬†Unfortunately this is a common problem with Android Apps – not only with UlangoTV where we depend on libraries that are not ours. A simple method in those cases is to close the network for some seconds. ¬†If you are on ethernet, it’s simple: ¬†just pull the network cable for a few seconds. ¬†If you are on WLAN, switch off/on WLAN. ¬†In most cases the App will be responsive again – if not, see below.

Revover from a frozen or missbehaving App

There is a very good description by Google: ¬†Fix an installed Android app that isn’t working
In addition to that our recommendation is, not to restart your device immediately, but to try to stop the App completely.¬† This works pretty easy with a pointing device or touch¬†in the so called¬†“Recents View”. ¬†After returning home with the¬†Home-Key¬†you can reach this function from your¬†Navigation Line of your System with the¬†Symbol ¬†or¬†¬†.

Here you can terminate the App by swiping away¬†¬†oder click of the¬†‘x’ Button.

On occasion, it is even difficult to make the navigation bar visible with the Home button. Usually a short press on the power button several times helps. If that doesn’t help ether the device must then be restarted as a last resort.

Recover on the Amazon Fire

The Fire does not know this “Recents View”. ¬†So in that case you have to use the settings, which you can always reach via the Home-key: Settings¬†=> Applications¬†=> Manage Installed Applications¬†=> UlangoTV 2.1 =>¬†Force stop

Versions of the App UlangoTV

The version number always has the form {features}.{major_number}.{minor_number}, e.g. gbxav.2.1.26 .

With features the app¬†tells the server about capabilities of the system, e.g. ‘g’ stands for compression support, ‘a’ tells the server, that it is an Android system.

The major_number will only change, wenn there are major changes in the interaction with the user.

The¬†minor_number will be increased on every little change. ¬†Because we follow the principal¬†“Continuous Development”, this number changes rapidly¬†– typically 3-4 times a month. ¬†Not every minor version will be published in the stores, but they may be accessible via the beta link http://apk.ulango.tv/21beta (a beta on the major_mumber 2.1 branch)

Release Notes are visible in the¬†App. ¬†As soon as a new version is loaded, this information will show up in the “wellcome dialog”. ¬† Later you can still ¬†get this information via Settings¬†=> Account in the app.

The most recent stable version can always be downloaded from our Server .

Direct Installation of UlangoTV without Google or Amazon

Newer Versions or special Testversions can be loaded directly from our Website.  Important Links are always published on the ulango.tv home page Home Page of ulango.tv.

The following steps are necessary:
  1. Erlaube das Laden von Apps unbekannter Herkunft:
    Amazon Fire TV: Settings => Device => Developer Options => Apps from Unknown Source => ON.
    Android Standard: Settings => Security => Unknown Source => ON.
    Don’t be shy. We guarantee that our binaries are bit-identical copies of the versions posted to the “official” stores.
  2. Open a browser Browser with the Link to the .apk z.B.  http://apk.ulango.tv/3 .
  3. After download, the install .apk file can be opened (from the headerline you can also draw the downloeded files)
    That will install the file and you may open it immediately.
    (Carefull: In some Android installations you need to deinstall the App before installing a new version, if it exists with the same app name)

It’s very different with the Amazon Fire TV which usually has no Browser and does not allow to install with standard capabilities.

Installation of Apps on the Fire TV without Amazon App Store

We have written a special blog post Install apps on Fire TV without Amazon App Store geschrieben.

Color Codes – Yellow – Blue – Magenta – Red

I have Premium, but I don’t see blue, magenta or red – why?

There are two filters that a search result must pass:

  • Self-restriction on yellow, blue or magenta.
    Default is the self-restriction on the maximum possible level: Yellow – registered only, Blue – Trial, Magenta – Premium. ¬† There are reasons,to deliberately restrict the visible streams to a lower level – or to raise to Red for Premium Users. ¬†See details in our Blog Article “UlangoTV 2.0 ‚Äď Yellow ‚Äď Blue ‚Äď Magenta now makes sense!“.
  • The Channel-Filter on Regions, Categories and Playlists.
    To make things easier we have introduced a checkbox “No Search Limits”. ¬†If clicked – no channel filters are applied!

Setting of your Search Orders is done on the page “My Search Orders” on our Website.

Availability and Quality of Streams

A lot of questions, especially from newcomers at UlangoTV, refer to the availability and quality of the streams. Our standard answer, which can also be found in our terms and conditions, is: We are not the operators of the Stream Servers. We only find URLs on the net and pass them on to our UlangoTV app. It’s our obligation to keep as much useless stuff as possible away from the user and to add useful information as quickly as possible with information from our channel library to the users.

Yesterday I had 50 channels – now there are only 12 – why?

We are confronted with an extremely varying quality of streams. Of the many million stream URLs that are found on the net, only a very small percentage works permanently. Most URLs do not work already at the first appearance in search engines. Many which are working are often usable only a few hours. Many channels are covered, if at all, only by extremely short-lived streams. These streams are usually test accounts by the stream providers, who want to draw their attention to their offers. The legality of these offers is often questionable to say the least. The stream by itself has no information on any copyright that the Stream Provider may have disregarded. We therefore characterize these streams with a magenta color. The user can decide for himself whether he wants to use these streams.

Back to the question: So if a user has this kind of channels in his playlists, which are only covered by a single, as we say “ephemere”, then it is very likely that all of a sudden all streams will be dropped and thus the channels are no longer covered.

The user can also understand this in detail by looking at the information about the stream to the right of the list. There is e.g. “Known Since about 4 hours”. An example of a stream we only know for 4 hours. If there is “since 3 days”, then it means that the stream has already survived the phase of the test accounts (6-24h) and probably lives even longer.


Install apps on Fire TV without Amazon App Store (revised June 2018)

Updated 22.6.18 (easy downloading with the Downloader app) – G.Ullrich

The Problem

Again and again it happens that you like an app or even a certain newer version of an app, which is not available through the Amazon App Store, but you would like to have it on your Fire TV. This is possible in principle by a so-called SideLoad, but not quite as easy as from the Amazon Store. Of course, the user must be aware that installing Android apps bypassing the Amazon App Store is risky, but manageable. Because the Android OS separates apps from each other quite effectively, so that no undesirable side effects occur.

There are several methods, Three of them are chosen here. First of all, the Fire TV has to be prepared for the installation of external apps:

Prepare the Amazon Fire TV for later direct installation of apps

Make a note of the IP-Adress of your¬†Fire TV. ¬†You find it on your Fire TV √ľber Home -> Einstellungen -> Ger√§t -> Info -> Netzwerk. ¬†Die Ziffernfolge dort brauchst Du sp√§ter f√ľr die Installation – z.B.

Apps unbekannter Herkunft zulassen

Home -> Settings -> Device -> Developer options -> Apps from Unknown Sources -> ON

ADB-Debugging an

Home -> Settings -> Device -> Developer options -> ADB-Debugging -> ON

USB-Debugging ON (optional)

(You only need this when Amazon Fire and your PV are not in the same Network and you have to use USB to connect both of them)

Home -> Settings -> Device -> Developer options -> USB-Debugging -> ON

Uninstall an already existing app with a different version

For the installation to be possible, an already existing version of the same app must be uninstalled.

Go to¬†Home – > Settings¬†->Applications –¬†Manage Installed Applications

Select the App to be uninstalled -> Uninstall -> Uninstall

Alternative A: Download and Install with the App “Downloader” from the Amazon App Store.

The Downloader App needs a link that is not redirected, as usually done with “Short Links”.¬† Therefore we copied UlangoTV resp. UlangoTV+ to the locations¬†http://ulango.tv/uploads/2.apk resp.¬†http://ulango.tv/uploads/3.apk

The Downloader app is available from the Amazon App Store: https://www.amazon.de/AFTVnews-com-Downloader/dp/B01N0BP507






Alternative B: Installation with Apps2Fire from your Android SmartPhone

Installation is very easy if you have an Android SmartPhone or Tablet. From this it is very easy to push any app that is already installed there on the Amazon Fire. This happens in the following steps: (a) Installation of Appt2Fire on your Android Smartphone or Tablet

Visit the Google Play Store and search Apps2Fire (Original) from Koni

Install, Open and connect to your Fire TV:

Go to Settings and enter the IP address of your Fire TV, which you have noted before. If there is a problem with the connection to the fire, please check this IP address again.

A particular convenience of the Apps2Fire app is the possibility to search for the device in the net by clicking on the magnifying glass. A network search is started. Simply select the device and the IP address is so easily taken over.

Install UlangoTV 2.0 from the Google Play Store on your SmartPhone / Tablet. Go to the Play Store and search for “ulangotv2”. If you found UlangoTV IPTV Explorer 2.0, install this app.

Now go to the tab “Local Apps” and look for the entry UlangoTV 2.0 (tv.ulango.ulangotv2). Click and Install. A popup should be “Info – Installation successful – UlangoTV 2.0”. That’s it!

Alternative C: Installation with the PC Program adbLink

First install the latest version of the adbLink application on your Windows, Mac or Linux PC.
Search for “adblink jacola” with your browser. The link to jacola.com should be in the first place.

Go there and look up the corresponding links for download for the operating system of your PC.

AdbLink 3.1 for Windows Mirror
AdbLink 3.1 for OS X 10.7 or greater Mirror
AdbLink 3.1 for x86_64 Linux Mirror

I have put no links here intentionally, as these should always be ta from the website jacola.com. Follow the instructions for installing adbLink on your OS Variant.

After the start, the connection to your Fire TV must first be established. If you have started the latest version 3.1, just go to the “Ad Hoc IP” field and enter the IP-Address¬†that you wrote down in the preparation. Then Connect. In the window above, “Connected devices” should show your IP address and “Connection status” should be “IP connection”.

Now you are ready for an installation of the APK to the Fire TV.

Download the APK from our website on your PC: http://apk.ulango.tv/20
There should be a single .apk file on your PC. Please do not unpack! (Windows users may have to make the file extensions visible through the File Explorer to distinguish directories from individual files)

Now click on “Install APK” in adbLink. Navigate to the APK file you just downloaded. After opening and answering the popup¬†with “yes” the installation starts. Final message should be “APK (s) installed”

Transfer the App UlangoTV to the Home menu -> Current

To make sure that the app does not always have to be started from the Manage Installed Applications on Fire TV, it is convenient to transfer the app to the Home -> Current menu.

Go to the Home -> “Your Apps & Games” menu. This menu may be empty – doesn’t matter. Go to the end of this menu. There is either nothing or “All displays”. Press and hold the Home button until either a grid with all the installed apps appears, or until a screen appears, with which you can normally switch to sleep mode. Just click on the apps icon on the left and the grid with all installed apps appears. Search the yellow / blue / magenta diamond symbol of UlangoTV. Start the app. This brings the app to the first position of the Home menu -> Current and can be restarted very easily next time.




A Nightmare becomes true – learning from an experienced Rails Developer

I am writing this to give myself air and because I think you can still learn a lot from incidents like this I have experienced here as an old hare.

Imagine: You are solely responsible for a complex software. You have to introduce new¬†essential features for the system. You have slowly brought the new features into the system via “feature switches”. Many already use the new features. Now comes the time when you can start switching off old features and all users more or less compulsively are¬†lead to the new features. This is probably the most difficult moment of a product launch. There is no easy return. Just at this moment happens what all developers and system administrators are afraid of. The system dies and there is a complete data loss for several days.

This is exactly what happened with the UlangoTV 2.0 introduction.

The whole story is so exemplary and classic that I think it will interest many of the technically skilled, how it could come to it and how one can liberate oneself without damage from such a catastrophe.

A fatal crash with big data loss – how can it happen?

Most web and app servers use Linux systems because they have proven to be particularly stable, secure, powerful and inexpensive over the years Рso we too. Many administrators are proud that their systems have not been restarted for more than 6 months or more and that they are just stable. Backups are made regularly Рtoday mostly by the providers via snapshot on the lowest level of the raw partitions. To this end, regular DB backups are made with the DB tools, which guarantee the necessary transaction security.

The DB backups are a special problem, if the databases become too big as in our case – over 50GB. Importing such data requires a lot of time and leads to a great downtime in the event of a disaster. The only way to achieve high availability is the introduction of redundancy. How this helped in our case relatively quickly back on the legs, more below.

Now to the crash in more detail. In ongoing operation with increasing system load, it suddenly happens that some processes are no longer finishing¬†their work in time. The load swells, the system begins to swap until practically everything hangs. You quickly identify load causes, services are turned¬†off. But suddenly this does not help anymore because there is obviously a blockage situation in the system (A waits for B, B waits for C, C waits for A – deadlock – you know what I mean). Very bad, if the blockade obviously lies at the bottom of the filesystem. Now the moment has come, where only a reboot can help. And then it happens: The system can not be rebooted because there are inconsistencies in the filesystem. This is usually not too bad, because a modern file system carries enough redundancy in itself to repair itself. Unfortunately, however, this was also not possible in our case. No chance to make the system work again. So a backup had¬†to be restored¬†– from the last day – a few hours before. After an hour we realize that the filesystem is already too broken here, that it is no longer usable. Another backup back – another hour – does not work either. Now it’s slowly becoming critical. In the meantime, we are preparing a new system into which we can upload our backup – uploading the compressed data: 22 hours !!

So a backup back – the weekly backup 5 days back. Hurray – it works. I decide to relinquish the import of the DB and to manage with the data loss of 5 days somehow. Phew

Restoration of data from redundant sources

When it comes to recovering from a data loss as quickly as possible, all kinds of sources can help. This is where the strengths of the Ruby on Rails programming language we use come into play, with the help of which AdHoc programs could be written very quickly. In our case, we had three sources: 1. Central log files, which were redundantly stored on other servers. 2. Our external order data at PayPal and 3. Our Riak-based key-value storage for channels and streams.

From the logfiles, it was relatively easy to restore user data – apart from the passwords, of course. With an AdHoc program the data were imported and the users were notified by e-mail to reset their passwords.

The restoration of the order data proved to be much more difficult, since the order information was also lost, and it was not always possible to associate the payments with users.

Finally, relatively easy was to restore our central database for streams and channels. We had transferred this data to a so-called key-value store (Riak) a long time ago, in particular in order to distribute the load on requests as well as the redundancy achieved over several servers. It is the key to a virtually unlimited scalable system. It is a technology that is used today in all large systems and was used for the first time by Amazon in a larger style (Dynamo).


For us, the following are the main conclusions

  1. More frequent reboots¬†of the system to detect “creeping” destruction of data, which then also migrates into the backups, early.
  2. Storage of the DB Backups close to the server in order to make it available as quickly as possible.
  3. Improved centralized logging (syslog daemon)
  4. Relocat even more data – especially users and order data – in distributed KV stores to minimize the “single point of failure” situations.

So – now I’ve got rid of it and I feel much better and ready to tackle new challenges at UlangoTV!


Ulango TV – Golden Key Special

golden_keyThe Golden Key Promo allows our Usern to make money by helping us to spread the news about Ulango TV.   Users distribute their personalized Golden Key participate on every order with the Golden Key attached.


Unfortunately we had to withdraw from the Google Play Store, because a few content owners claimed illegal content distribution and did not recognize that content is never distributed from our servers.  Each time we had to argue and fight wich took our energy which we better would like to invest into new developments  So we are more dependent on individual recommendations.  So the idea was that users get rewarded when helping us to spread the news..

The¬†Golden Key – what’s that?

It is a string up to 8 characters long, which is uniquely generated for every user that registers with Ulango TV.  So the Golden Key identifies users without making personal data open to the public.

The user may look up the Golden Key in the Account information of the Website.

What is the Golden Key used for?

The Consumer of the Golden Key gets a Discount

The Golden Key can be distributed by the User and everybody else. ¬†On each Order with Ulango TV with a total value of more than¬†15 ‚ā¨ a single Golden Key can be applied. ¬†A Discount is given – currently¬†2 ‚ā¨. ¬†A Owner must not consume his own key.

The Owner of the Golden Key gets a Credit

With every key usage the owner of the Golden Key gets rewarded with a credit (currently 2 months Premium or 4 ‚ā¨).¬† The Credit becomes available after the¬†14 day refund¬†period of the consumer of the key.

How are the Golden Keys applied?

The product is placed into the shopping cart. ¬†At the bottom there is a field to enter the¬†Golden Key. ¬†Input is case insensitive. ¬†After refresh with the button to the right of the key input field the discount get’s applied. ¬†The golden key is valid als long as the owner’s account exists.¬†A Golden Key can be used everywhere at any time.

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What happens with the credit?

The credits are accumulated as 2 month extensions of the owner’s Premium subscription. When the resulting runtime of the subscription exceeds 20 months, the user may convert the excess runtime into cash – 4‚ā¨ per 2 months and may request a money transfer. ¬†Each money transfer may be not less than 16‚ā¨. The owner of the Golden Key can watch the usage on the account page, from where he also can request money transfers, if applicable. When a subscription of a consumer is terminated¬†and is refunded in part, the credits are reduced proportionally.

Credit status can be monitored by the Owner. The whole procedure is performed ordinarily by Ulango TV.  Short delays during the work flow are have to be accepted.  Recourse to the courts is not permitted.

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Special EM2016 Offer at UlangoTV

A reason to cheer: The UlangoTV EM Offer

The next big sports event is coming up. From Juni 10 to July 10 the 15th European Soccer Championship 2016 is celebrated in France.


As a Bonus for the “EM 2016” we are offering 13 months UlangoTV Premium for the price of 12.

13 Months UlangoTV

The action is terminated with the first game France vs. Romania June 10, 2016 at 21:00 CET.

UlangoTV – >3.500 international Live Streams

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