User Manual UlangoTV: Devices and Account

Basic concepts

For the user, it should be as easy as possible to use the UlangoTV app, so constant repetitive log in should not be required, even if the devices are switched off occasionally or are operated in a different network.
For us, it is important that every user gets exactly what he or she has paid for, no matter where located and how connected with the device.

This is achieved by the fact that devices report two important informations that can be used for the pairing between device and user account: A unique identification of the interface through which the device reports, the so-called MAC address and the IP address of the device seen from the outside.

Both must be sent by the device, otherwise it is not usable for UlangoTV (some devices allow the suppression of MAC transmission – in such a case, the device would be unusable)

It should be noted that the MAC address sent depends on the network interface used by the device. So with smartphones it makes e.g. a difference, whether the device logs on via the mobile network or via WLAN. It is different for Android boxes. whether the registration takes place via WLAN or LAN.

In order for a device to be recognized in other networks too, we store the MAC in the sandbox data of the app during the initial connection. From then on, this MAC is always transmitted, no matter which network method the device connects to! Of course, this data will be lost when reinstalling the app. To get the app to connect again to the same registered device and the UlangoTV account, you should always use the same network for reinstalling – e.g. LAN.

Registration of a device after a new installation in a network with only one account

The easiest way to connect is when the new device is on the same network where the user is currently logged in.

So first log on to (I’m assuming that you have already been registered on If you have a browser still open that was previously logged in to another network, log out and log in again. Now the IP address identifies the user’s account.

Reconnection after fresh installation
If the app is started, it first checks whether the device with the sent MAC is already known and connected to an account. If so, then the device is already paired.

Initial coupling after reinstallation
If the device is already known but not assigned to an account, it will look for an account that is logged into the network whose IP the device has just sent. If there is such an account, then the device will be assigned to the account (unless the limit of 5 devices has already been reached). In the app the email address of the account is shown. This can be used to check whether the right account has been taken.

Pairing impossible because of missing account login
If neither a match is found through the MAC nor the IP address, it means that the user has not logged in to the network.

Registration of a device in a network with several accounts

The pairing of a device becomes more difficult if there are several accounts in the network. In these cases, the IP address is not unique to an account. In these cases, the 4-digit code number helps.

As above, you log in to the destination account. The account menu leads to the page “My Devices”.

Now the app is started. As above, cases are to be distinguished:

The app automatically connects with the correct account.
In this case you are already done. The assignment could be made via the IP address.

The app connects to a wrong account.
One recognizes this by the fact that another email appears than that of the desired account. In this case, you have to log out in the app. A button is located on the first page of the Account Wizard (if it does not open automatically at startup, you can go there via the menu via Account). After logging off, you can proceed to the next step.

The app has not been paired and can be paired with the 4-digit code.
In this case, no email appears, but a request to register. That was already done. You can see a 4-digit number in the header to the right of the logo in the background. Please enter this on the website in the “My Device” page. Now, the pairing is made. The app can now leave and be restarted. It should now automatically connect to the correct account.


User Guide UlangoTV: Installation

updated 2019-02-05:  Download new Versions with UlangoTV itself!!

The device must be equipped with the Android operating system.
Version> = 4.2.2

Also the derivate Amazon Fire is supported. Likewise, Android TV systems like Sony Bravia or Phillips and of course Nvidia Shield.

  • Uninstall any existing older version of the app before installation
  • In the settings, allow the loading of unknown sources
  • Register on with email and password or via Facebook or Google Login.

Download from the Google Play Store: Currently there is only the free version of UlangoTV Free IPTV in the Play Store. Installation of this version on Android TV via Play Store is currently not possible.

Download for all other versions and devices: If you want to download the Premium Plus version UlangoTV EPG-IPTV, or if you want to install on an Amazon Fire TV or an Android TV, you must do so from our website The procedures are slightly different depending on the device, but the URL is always the same:

UlangoTV Free IPTV:

SmartPhones, tablets and Android boxes typically have a browser available, e.g. Chrome. The above URLs can easily be entered for a download. After the download, you will be asked if you want to install. Versions with the same name and different version have to be deinstalled beforehand.

In all other cases downloading with the Downloader app (from is the easiest. Download this helper application from the Google Play Store (search for downloader aftv) if you’re using Android TV or from the Amazon Store if you’re on a Fire TV stick or box (

Establish link between device, app and your account
!! update: See also User Manual UlangoTV: Devices and Account
When the app UlangoTV is started, an authorization check is performed first. The basis for this is a unique device-specific identifier (MAC). This is usually detected automatically if the device and the browser used for the login are in the same network (LAN / WLAN behind the shared router)
If the device with its MAC is not yet known, then it is checked whether an account is currently logged in with the same external IP address as the new device. If that is the case then the device is automatically connected to the account.

In exceptional cases, it may happen that the device is in a different network. In these cases, the assignment can be made using a 4-digit number, which can be seen on the start page in the app in the top bar, and which must be entered in the device page on the website.

It is important to know that the app must be compatible with the service used: UlangoTV+ EPG-IPTV for Premium Plus and UlangoTV Free IPTV for the free version.

Downloading with the Free UlangoTV app

Starting from Version 4.1.31(f), UlangoTV has a built-in downloading capability.   You find it in the menu drawer on the left: Settings -> Updates.
There you find which version is currently running and install links to the most important versions. Two phases are involved – Downloading and Installing
The downloading is done to the emulated sdcard storage folder ‘Downloader‘.
After downloading, the app tries to hand it over to the installer.  This requires some privileges, which cannot be granted in any case.  Starting from Android 8.0, this will not be possible in any case. You will be asked for additional privileges or you get a message ‘There was a problem while parsing the package”.  Don’t worry – the package is ok.

Installing downloaded packages can be done with apps which have the privilege to do so.  Examples are the ES File Explorer or the Downloader app (by  Just use this app to navigate to local storage folder Downloader.  There you’ll find the downloaded file with name {version}.apk.  Just open to install and open the UlangoTV package.


M3U PlayLists were yesterday – or not? UlangoTV without Android !!!

If you want to know more details about the new M3U feature of UlangoTV, please read this document: User manual UlangoTV: Using the streams without the UlangoTV app

M3U lists – what is this?

M3U Lists are still very popular in the IPTV environment for sending playlists. Most players, such as the well-known VLC and the GSE Smart TV Player, play this format. While the lists were originally used to store music playlists of mp3 files, they are also well suited for listing any media, especially live streams and video files.

The list entries always consist of a header # EXTM3U and two lines each. The first line with the key #EXTINF contains information about the content of the medium, at least the title, often also a region-abbreviation and further parameters. The second line is a URL used to find the media in the network or on local storage.

#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="Super RTL DE" tvg-name="Super RTL DE" tvg-logo="" group-title="Germany",Super RTL DE;T3ZYUGhJRkxYL3k0ajBqNUN2c1k4Zz09%0A

A big problem with using such M3U files is that there are many standards for describing the #EXTINF lines. If one goes in the net on the search for M3U lists, one finds a huge variety of spellings and formats. These make it very difficult to compare lists of different providers and merge. We use a notation that can be used by both VLC and e.g. used by the Smart IPTV app widely used on TVs. Merging of various list formats is necessary, e.g. the enrich data with further information such as logo and EPG data.

Use UlangoTV without Android app with M3U lists !!!

With the all-in-one app UlangoTV we do not need M3U lists. Especially with the merging of M3U lists and comparison with our huge database, we have at Ulango TV best experience and spare the user the annoying search for IPTV sources. However, that only works with our Android-based app.

The M3U lists now give us an opportunity to use the streams we do not normally disclose on other players. So you can use our subscription in principle without having an Android App UlangoTV. The URLs we use in the lists are short links, which are converted into the real links on our server. An authorization check is performed. The parameters lead us to the user and to the desired stream. If the user has a running Premium Plus subscription and the link was sent from the IP under which the user is currently logged in to us, then the stream is released.

There are three places where a Premium Plus subscriber on our website can generate an M3U list:

  • On the favorites lists: Only the Premium Plus streams are listed alphabetically
  • At the regional lists: Regions with streams can be exported to individual M3U lists.
  • On Channel Explorer: A search result is placed in an M3U list (only the first 1000 streams)

I would be happy if there are instructions in the comments on how to use our lists on different players. VLC has already been tested on a variety of operating systems (IOS, MacOS, Windows) and also the GSE Smart TV Player. Of course we can not provide support for other players.

Update 2019-01-01:  The Smart TV Player which is very common on Smart TVs needs a slightly different list format. This can also be generated from the Website by subscribers of UlangoTV Premium Plus.


UlangoTV Free IPTV – New in Google Play Store

UlangoTV Free IPTV – New in the Google Play Store –   More than 2000 Royalty Free Channels

This will please all IPTV friends who do not like to spend money and who are fed up with the constant time-consuming search for new m3u lists On the internet.

If you look around for free IPTV streams with the search engines , you will find some in long lists. But much is re-streaming of unlicensed content and thus not legal. UlangoTV is a project that analyzes such search results in terms of quality and license status and compares them with our vast TV channel database.

In the app UlangoTV Free IPTV we only show those streams whose URLs have been publicly known for at least 6 months (yellow) or 6 weeks (blue). If a stream has been publicly known and still works for a long time, then we assume that there is no objection by the content owner to show their streams to the public in this way.

If 6 weeks are too short for you, you can limit yourself to yellow streams which, after all our 4 years of experience, can certainly be viewed royalty free.

If a content owner disagrees with his streams in the UlangoTV Free IPTV App, then he can notify us via and we will immediately delete the streams from the lists. Because our app always gets the URLs online from our database, deleting them everywhere takes effect immediately.

In addition to these streams, we show channels where we have been explicitly licensed by the content owners. Everyone is welcome to give us their live streams, which we then highlight in our app.

Live Streaming of TV Channels from around the world

The URLs used by the app are constantly updated, so that only functioning streams are displayed im most cases. Currently 2216 Channel from around the world .

Spain: 166 – Germany: 145 – Russian Federation: 140 – Italy: 129 – United States: 127 – Romania: 126 – Turkey: 101 – Brazil: 82 – Great Britain: 65 – France: 56 – Hungary: 52 – Poland: 49 – Albania: 45 – Mexico: 41 – Ukraine: 32 – India: 31 – Greece: 31 – Argentina: 31 – Netherlands: 27 – Colombia: 27 – Serbia: 26 – Bosnia and Herzegovina: 26 – Czech Republic: 26 – United Arab Emirates: 24 – Dominican Republic: 24 – Bulgaria: 24 – Republic of Moldova: 21 – Slovakia: 21 – Peru: 20 – Arabic: 20 – Switzerland: 19 – Austria : 19 – Chile: 18 – Denmark: 16 – Canada: 16 – Thailand: 16 – Honduras: 14 – Iran: 14 – Costa Rica: 13 – Sweden: 13 – Belgium: 13 – Egypt: 13 – Portugal: 12 – Morocco: 11 – Iraq: 11 ……..

How to get the app

This app itself is freely available on the Google Play Store and is also free of advertising!. But if someone wants to make a donation (half of it is always to nonprofit organizations), please contact us at .
On devices that do not have access to the Google Play Store, such as Android TV or Amazon Fire TV, the app can also using the Downloader app (to be downloaded from the Play Store from directly from our website: /uploads/free.apk

Visit us on the refreshed page . If we have time, you can talk to us there in our chat.

Gernot Ullrich
Ullrich IT Consulting / UlangoTVFacebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinmail

UlangoTV – Golden Key Incentive Program

Action 3 for 1 extended til July, 2019

Two Three months Premium Plus or € 15 €25 per new customer

With the Golden Key Incentive Program , we are enabling our users to profitably disseminate Ulango TV. Users distribute their personal Golden Key and benefit from every new customer who makes a first 3-or-more-month-order with this key.


Much better than any advertisement is the recommendation of satisfied users to friends. Many of you already do that through benevolent reviews and have already found new customers under the old rules. In this new version we want to increase the incentive even further.

The Golden Key – what is it?

It is a code up to 8 characters long, which is uniquely generated for each Ulango TV registered user. So it identifies the user without disclosing his personal information.

The user finds his golden key in his account summary on the website.

What is the Golden Key used for?

The recipient of the Golden Key gets a discount

The Golden Key can be distributed by the user without restrictions. A Golden Key can be used for every first order of a 3-or-more-month UlangoTV+ Premium Plus subscription. In each case a discount is granted – currently € 2. For a Golden Key to be used, certain rules must be met – see more below.

The giver of the Golden Key gets credit

Each time the key is redeemed when a subscription for 3 month or  more is placed first, the Golden Key giver receives a credit of 2 months Premium Plus! which becomes effective immediately when the new subscription has been started.

Golden Key award rules

    1. The use of a Golden Key will only take effect when the GK-Giver has already had a Premium Plus subscription (this is, because we assume that the GK-Giver will save us some support expenses and should know our service 🙂
  1. The use of a Golden Key will only take effect if the order is the first Premium Plus Order for at least 3 month.

How are Golden Keys applied?

The product is placed in the shopping cart as normal. In the last step of the checkout, you will find the box for entering the Golden Key. Case does not matter. After updating with the button next to it, the discount is activated. The Golden Key is valid as long as the donor’s account exists.

What happens to the credits?

The credits are accumulated and consist of 2-month extensions of the Premium Plus. As soon as at least 4 such credits accumulate, the credits can be paid out as cash in the amount of 15 € 25€ per credit! The donor can also find out about the status of the credits on the account page.

Users who try to override our rules with multiple accounts are retroactively excluded from the GK program.  Valuations of credits can be tracked by the donor and the recipient. The procedure is handled by us to the best of our knowledge and belief. Occasional time delays must be accepted. The legal process is excluded.

Hamburg d. 15/11/2018
Your Ulango TV team


Explore the IPTV world with the UlangoTV+ Explorer!

Meanwhile, there is so much to report about UlangoTV that we have decided to post another blog entry. This post is specifically for people who currently have a Premium Plus subscription and are using the UlangoTV+ app or have already tested UlangoTV+.


  • New website
  • Premium Plus vs. Premium
  • Video on Demand (VOD)
  • Common operating errors
    a) “plus_only” – network change
    b) No Premium Plus Streams in Test or Subscription – Wrong App
  • “Buffering” – what to do?

New website

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback on our new website , which is now structured much clearer and comes in a more modern look. We get far fewer complaints and error messages because the most important things are now handled by FAQs on the start page and because the users get detailed informations by e-mail in context. Please read our mails!
We are still open to suggestions for improvement of any kind!

Premium Plus vs. Premium

Meanwhile, 4 out of 5 orders are Premium Plus which mostly get 5 star reviews. Unfortunately we are not listed in the Google Play Store any more.  We hope to be back there soon. We want to keep prices low and continue without advertising. Spreading the good news by recommending to a friend or acquaintance is the best way to go. We will rework and communicate the old Golden Key Program shortly, so that the recommendation is rewarded even better.

The special thing about our services is that it is not a static M3U list, but that our offer is constantly on the move.

This blog post has been written to draw attention to important features and pit falls. UlangoTV+ can certainly do more than you already know!

Video on Demand (VOD)

An extension are the new VOD sections. New stuff is added every few days.
So e.g. under Europe -> UK there is a new area VOD IMDB Top 250. From the well-known cinema database IMDB, the most important international 250 films were compiled – each in the original languages.

A new section of VIP Sports will regularly host live events.

Much of our new adult coverage can be found under VOD Misc -> Adult. Prerequisite for the view is the release of the “FSK18” filter in the search queries.

VOD folders are located under AL, DE, ES, FR, IN, IT, SCAND, TR and UK.

Many movies have short descriptions and classifications. Whenever possible they are written  in the language of the movies in both the app and on the website.

As for all our streams, these are only available for as long as we can find streams on the net.

Common User Pitfalls


A common problem is that sometimes, without any special notice, the Premium Plus streams (CSID 84341) appear as “plus_only” and the stream can no longer be played – even though a Premium Plus subscription is active. The reason is always a network change (call with a new external IP address). Such a change happens e.g. when a router is restarted and the provider assigns a new IP or when switching from WLAN to mobile (WAN). In such cases, the change from our server is not immediately granted. Only if no access has been made on the previous network for 30 minutes will it be switched over. UlangoTV needs to be re-invoked to take over this change.
We need to do that so that our streams are not misused by third parties. The provider detects concurrent access from different networks and locks the streams. The stream would be unusable and the money would be gone!
So when “plus_only” shows up, please wait 30 minutes and restart UlangoTV! 

No Premium Plus Streams in Test or Subscription – Wrong App

Occasionally it happens that after completing a premium plus subscription or during the 24h test only the normal Premium streams are seen. The reason is usually that the user still runs the app UlangoTV (2.x), which is reserverded for the simple Premium subscription. Premium Plus requires the most recent version of UlangoTV + (currently 3.1.17).

Fire TV users need to download the app from our website using the “downloader” ( – see also our instructions .

“Buffering” – what to do?

Some time ago we had already a blog post on “Stuttering, Freezing, Disconnection: The ongoing Struggle with Free IPTV Streams“. In the meantime, we have gained a lot of new insights and know that there are an incredible number of causes for the same phenomenon over and over again: buffering and freezing of the streams.

With the Premium Plus we were able to exclude major sources of error caused by disconnections by the stream provider. Nevertheless, there are still buffering problems, but much less common. There are conditions that can not be influenced by us or our customers. In these cases, only the decision remains that UlangoTV may not be suitable for this customer in his region, with his provider and with his selection of streams . The Premium Plus subscription can be terminated monthly. This must be announced 14 days in advance. The price will be refunded pro rata with a small administration fee of 3 €. So the risk is very low for our customers and as we think a very fair solution, especially since there is also a free 24h test, as well as the purchase of small daily subscriptions.

So what are the main reasons for buffering despite Premium Plus?

1. Too much bandwidth of the streams. There are now many streams in FHD or even 4k quality (you can always see the resolution of a stream immediately, if you switch in the player on the view “Centered”: the larger the picture the greater the required bandwidth). These streams need at least 100Mb or more, which must be available to the app for their transfers. With a simple WLAN this just doesn’t work.

We know about IP providers, especially in the UK, but also in DE, that bandwidth restrictions are imposed on individual connections and on certain sources (IP addresses), although in sum with multiple transmissions, the bandwidths could be significantly higher.

If such bottlenecks occur, we recommend trying alternative streams at a lower resolution. They are not so sharp, but work seamlessly.

VPN networks to other countries are one way to bypass bandwidth blockers. For this we can not give general recommendations. Everyone has to explore this for themselves, as there are different conditions in each region and with each provider.

2. Too little memory for the APP UlangoTV. The app includes a player that takes as much free memory as possible for buffering. If the device is very busy with respect to memory, it can lead to buffering. Clean up occasionally, especially with the small sticks (end unused apps via the settings or throw them out altogether)

3. Quality issues with the original stream provider. Especially on Match Days (Bundesliga, Champion League, F1 etc.) the run on individual streams is very big. This can lead to bottlenecks at the provider. We try to choose our sources so that sufficient capacity is available. But this is not always possible. Incidentally, weather conditions can also be a cause. We have relatively little influence here.


As you can see, we continue to strive to provide our customers with a comprehensive, affordable and fair service. In particular, we are intensively supporting new customers in their first steps with UlangoTV. Please use preferably email from or by specifying your account email and for subscriptions give us the order number (Rnnnnnnnn).

We wish you much pleasure in exploring the vast IPTV world!

Your Ulango TV team.Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinmail

A Warm Welcome to our New Users

Aktualisiert am 1.2.2019

It’s great that you found your way to us. Promised: It will be an interesting TV experience!  Thousands of stations from all over the world want to be discovered – as many as nowhere else!

You can explore this world in two different ways:


You have probably already seen it on our website:
UlangoTV is now available in two versions: UlangoTV Free IPTV Explorer and UlangoTV+ EPG-IPTV Explorer


  • UlangoTV Free is the entry level version for Free IPTV Viewing
  • UlangoTV+ is the comfort version for Premium Plus subscribers and for Premium Plus 24h tests – there you will surely find your favorite channel


The app is constantly being improved. The latest versions of UlangoTV are available on our website: ( UlangoTV, UlangoTV+).

An installation description can be found in the User manual UlangoTV: Installation. If you want to download the app to Amazon Fire TV, please follow the instructions “Install apps on Fire TV without Amazon App Store (revised Jan 2019)”. The easiest way is to use the app “downloader” to download directly from our website ( or

What can you expect from UlangoTV?

For us it is very important that the expectations of our users are set right from the start, because UlangoTV is in many ways different from most products in the IPTV market.

We don’t copy content from content owners and certainly not from illegal re-streamers to our servers. We rather search the net with our search engine for stream URLs, which we then – filtered and enriched with channel information – pass on to our player – the UlangoTV IPTV Explorer. Every user uses our app to establish direct connections to a variety of streaming servers. Often there are several alternatives to a channel, which can be selected in the app.

Our service

If you have searched the net yourself, you know that there are millions of URLs to be found, but that only a very small fraction actually works permanently.

Our task is to sift through this tangled web of thousands of new streams every day and to sort out old URLs as quickly as possible. That is a gigantic constant expenditure, which we offer as service and let us pay with a small charge.

The special thing about UlangoTV is that your lists are always automatically kept up to date. No more annoying daily reloading of m3u lists. Every day new streams are added or old ones are replaced by better ones. Everything in the background without your doing. A highlight are the arbitrarily nested structured favorite lists. Choose your channels, series or movies on the website. We search automatically for the best streams User Manual UlangoTV: Hierarchical Favorite Lists

Quality of streams and tips

With this quantity of streams, which changes daily, it can happen that a station is not covered at all or only with very bad streams. Please do not complain about the quality of streams. We do our best to maintain good coverage. Better call our attention to problems via our StreamFeedback form (you can get there e.g. by positioning the channel in the channel list and then pressing the menu button or the long touch on the information on the right). There you can also tell us if you came across a stream that has no audio or that was assigned to a wrong station. We regularly reward our particularly active users with free months. The close contact to our users is very important to us. Via a chat integrated into the website, you can often reach us directly and we spread news via a Facebook group, which every Premium Plus subscriber can join. We do not advertise and rely solely on referrals from our satisfied users via our UlangoTV – Golden Key Incentive Program.

EPG and Premium Plus Option

An electronic program guide is integrated into the app. We get the data from an Open Source Project Rytec. We show hints to the running program and the follow-up and for quick orientation.

With the Premium Plus options we serve users who have special requirements for the quality of the streams and are willing to pay a little more for them. You should test this option if you experience excessive connection problems with the normal version or if you don’t have enough channels to choose from.

Your opinion is important to us

We answer some frequently asked questions in our FAQ on the homepage of our website (  A link list can be found at the end of this article.

Naturally we are pleased about each positive evaluation and recommendation in your circle of acquaintances. But please leave out the evaluation of individual streams and evaluate the app in the context addressed.

We also welcome feedback via the red feedback button on the left side of our website and promise to answer every question promptly. Recently you can also contact us directly via the chat on the bottom right!

Further questions? Feedback?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us – as mentioned before, either with the red feedback button or via chat on our website ( or email to

And it’s very cheap!

A yearly subscription costs 98.40€ for the Premium Plus. For a 3-month subscription we charge 27.60€. We accept online orders with immediate activation in the shop of (, but only with Credit Card. Bank transfers are also possible – with the order you get the corresponding bank details.

It is possible that our offer does not match your requirements. No problem – of course you have the legally prescribed 14-day right of withdrawal with full remuneration. However, we always recommend a short test of the Premium Plus option. Because the true value of UlangoTV often only becomes clear after prolonged use. Example: You like watching music videos? With UlangoTV you’ll find music channels you’ve probably never heard of before.

We know that UlangoTV is a quite complex service with thousands of TV stations, which are served with a constantly changing amount of streams of different quality from the free Internet in the background. We are the platform that makes most of the world’s broadcasters visible on TV with just a few clicks. We need your feedback for further improvements.

We wish you many good experiences and a lot of fun using our UlangoTV IPTV Explorer.

Important Links for Ulango TV

Ulango TV Website |
Ulango TV Shop | Channel Listen |
My Search Orders |
My Favorite Lists |
M3U Import |
Ulango TV Blog |
FAQ und
FAQ Blog Article

UlangoTV App Downloads

APK Download Page


UlangoTV 2 – Yellow – Blue – Magenta now makes sense!

Now it’s colorful! From UlangoTV 2.0, IPTV streams and channels will in the future be divided into 4 color categories of usability to provide us and our users with a legally secured status. For a long time, we have been working on how to bring a version of UlangoTV to the App Stores, which can not lead to complaints from content owners and is completely safe for the users. Result is a color scheme, which we now introduce with this version. The colors are already known from our logo: yellow, blue and magenta. In addition, color red, with which we identify channels, which are adult or for which there is an official request, do not show these channels.

In the Yellow basic version the app is free for all registered users, but will be delivered with advertising in the future. In the Blue version, users can access more channels via their own search queries, but they are likely to be legal broadcasts too. The magenta version also covers streams, which are only covered by short-term test streams of possibly illegal broadcasters.

Yellow: Streams for all registered users free!

Gelb: Streams für alle registrierten User kostenfrei!

Yellow streams have been known to us for more than 6 months. Registered users can see these streams for free. Adult streams are excludes from this category.

For yellow streams, we assume that they are sent legally by broadcasters. Typically these ‘official’ streams are without license problems. Restricted to yellow streams the app can therefore be used by anyone without problems.

Once we learn that a sender  is protected with exclusive global distribution rights, the corresponding streams are red for all users.
As soon as we learn that a channel is protected in a region with exclusive distribution rights, it will be red for registered users from the region.
As soon as we learn or see 😉 that a station is adult, all the related streams are red.

Yellow streams take a special status in that they no longer participate in the short-term periodical quality control. So we can not remove them so easily from the system. This is done manually only by administrators, if there are a lot of corresponding user reports. The yellow streams run in the long term, but their quality is often less good.

The higher resolution streams are often found among the blue and magenta.

Yellow streams are free for all registered users..

Blue: Streams for Premium or Trial with unknown license status

Blau: Streams für Premium oder Trial mit ungeklärtem Lizenzstatus

Blue streams have been known to us for at least 6 weeks. Also these are usually ‘official’ streams without license problems. Trial users can see these streams, but you must explicitly give us search orders so that we can search for them on the Internet.

After 6 months, blue streams will automatically turn yellow.

For blue streams, too, we assume that they are legally sent by broadcasters. 6 weeks availability on the net is a long time and one can assume that the operators of the server are either particularly bold or have a license for the distribution.

However, we are cautious in these cases, and the user must give us a special search order on the “My Search Orders” page of our website, which we then execute in his responsibility to release the streams. He can take back the release at any time.

Analogous to the yellow streams:

Once we learn that a channel is protected with exclusive global distribution rights, the corresponding streams are red for all users.
As soon as we learn that a channel is protected in a region with exclusive distribution rights, it will be red for users registered from the region.
As soon as we learn that a channel is adult, all the related streams are red.

In the settings on the website you can adjust, that only yellow or also blue streams are visible. Yellow is the default setting.

Blue streams require at least a trial subscription, which registered users can only use at most once within six months. In special cases, e.g. now with the introduction of 2.0 this 6-month interval is reset.

Magenta: Probably illegal streams only for Premium users under tight restrictions

Magenta: wahrscheinlich illegal gesendete Streams nur für Premium User unter Einschränkungen

Magenta streams are usually short-lived and have only been known to us recently. These streams are likely to originate from unlicensed sources. Premium users must give us a special search order to search for such streams at their own risk. The streams with the best quality can be found in this category, but with high fluctuation, since they are mostly test streams with a very short period of validity.

After 6 weeks magenta streams turn blue automatically.

For magenta streams, we are even more cautious and the user has to give us a special search order, which we then execute in its responsibility to unblock these streams. He can take back the release at any time.

In the settings on the website one can adjust that yellow, or also blue or also magenta streams are released. Yellow is the default setting.

Only premium users can see magenta streams. A premium subscription can be ordered via the UlangoTV Shop on the website.

Red: Protected streams for users who know what they are doing.

Rot: geschützte Streams für User, die wissen, was sie da tun.

There are always users, who find ways to make protected streams visible. The method is simple: one searches the network for appropriate m3u lists and then hand it over to one of the many available players. Also UlangoTV can be used as a player in this way. The premium user can raise his self-restriction to the red level in the “My Search Orders”. Legal restrictions differ in various parts of the world. The user himself is liable to comply with local restrictions.


General Remarks

General remarks

The color of a stream is indicated in the app by a colored button.

The color of a channel is displayed on the website by a colored button. Yellow is not displayed in the app, in order not to disturb the appearance of the lists unnecessarily. All channels also appear in the search engines. In the case of the blue and magenta streams, it is explicitly pointed out that a user can only access these stations via search queries or uploaded m3u lists.

You can test and use the functionality of the system without paying. Effectively, the app is free for free (yellow) streams – which are currently at least 2000 streams

It is now solely the responsibility of the users, what they take from the search results for IPTV streams. With the color scheme, we are the only service provider to differentiate the set of streams and make it visible and controllable for everyone, what is to be included in the search results. Because we deliberately do not distribute URLs and make the streams visible only in a “black box player” UlangoTV, we also prevent the possibility that a user uses the URLs to create illegal copies or for “re-streaming”. This allows us to meet the requirements of content owners, so that the app can now be distributed without any doubt in the app stores like any other IPTV player.Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinmail

Ulango TV – Golden Key Special


golden_keyThe Golden Key Promo allows our Usern to make money by helping us to spread the news about Ulango TV.   Users distribute their personalized Golden Key participate on every order with the Golden Key attached.


Unfortunately we had to withdraw from the Google Play Store, because a few content owners claimed illegal content distribution and did not recognize that content is never distributed from our servers.  Each time we had to argue and fight wich took our energy which we better would like to invest into new developments  So we are more dependent on individual recommendations.  So the idea was that users get rewarded when helping us to spread the news..

The Golden Key – what’s that?

It is a string up to 8 characters long, which is uniquely generated for every user that registers with Ulango TV.  So the Golden Key identifies users without making personal data open to the public.

The user may look up the Golden Key in the Account information of the Website.

What is the Golden Key used for?

The Consumer of the Golden Key gets a Discount

The Golden Key can be distributed by the User and everybody else.  On each Order with Ulango TV with a total value of more than 15 € a single Golden Key can be applied.  A Discount is given – currently 2 €.  A Owner must not consume his own key.

The Owner of the Golden Key gets a Credit

With every key usage the owner of the Golden Key gets rewarded with a credit (currently 2 months Premium or 4 €).  The Credit becomes available after the 14 day refund period of the consumer of the key.

How are the Golden Keys applied?

The product is placed into the shopping cart.  At the bottom there is a field to enter the Golden Key.  Input is case insensitive.  After refresh with the button to the right of the key input field the discount get’s applied.  The golden key is valid als long as the owner’s account exists. A Golden Key can be used everywhere at any time.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-22 um 23.09.07

What happens with the credit?

The credits are accumulated as 2 month extensions of the owner’s Premium subscription. When the resulting runtime of the subscription exceeds 20 months, the user may convert the excess runtime into cash – 4€ per 2 months and may request a money transfer.  Each money transfer may be not less than 16€. The owner of the Golden Key can watch the usage on the account page, from where he also can request money transfers, if applicable. When a subscription of a consumer is terminated and is refunded in part, the credits are reduced proportionally.

Credit status can be monitored by the Owner. The whole procedure is performed ordinarily by Ulango TV.  Short delays during the work flow are have to be accepted.  Recourse to the courts is not permitted.

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