UlangoTV – Golden Key Incentive Program


Two months Premium Plus or € 15 per new customer

With the Golden Key Incentive Program , we are enabling our users to profitably disseminate Ulango TV. Users distribute their personal Golden Key and benefit from every new customer who makes a first 3-or-more-month-order with this key.


Much better than any advertisement is the recommendation of satisfied users to friends. Many of you already do that through benevolent reviews and have already found new customers under the old rules. In this new version we want to increase the incentive even further.

The Golden Key – what is it?

It is a code up to 8 characters long, which is uniquely generated for each Ulango TV registered user. So it identifies the user without disclosing his personal information.

The user finds his golden key in his account summary on the website.

What is the Golden Key used for?

The recipient of the Golden Key gets a discount

The Golden Key can be distributed by the user without restrictions. A Golden Key can be used for every first order of a 3-or-more-month UlangoTV+ Premium Plus subscription. In each case a discount is granted – currently € 2. For a Golden Key to be used, certain rules must be met – see more below.

The giver of the Golden Key gets credit

Each time the key is redeemed when a subscription for 3 month or  more is placed first, the Golden Key giver receives a credit of 2 months Premium Plus! which becomes effective immediately when the new subscription has been started.

Golden Key award rules

  1. The use of a Golden Key will only take effect when the GK-Giver has already had a Premium Plus subscription (this is, because we assume that the GK-Giver will save us some support expenses and should know our service 🙂
  2. The use of a Golden Key will only take effect if the order is the first Premium Plus Order for at least 3 month.

How are Golden Keys applied?

The product is placed in the shopping cart as normal. In the last step of the checkout, you will find the box for entering the Golden Key. Case does not matter. After updating with the button next to it, the discount is activated. The Golden Key is valid as long as the donor’s account exists.

What happens to the credits?

The credits are accumulated and consist of 2-month extensions of the Premium Plus. As soon as at least 4 such credits accumulate, the credits can be paid out as cash in the amount of 15 € per credit! The donor can also find out about the status of the credits on the account page.

Users who try to override our rules with multiple accounts are retroactively excluded from the GK program.  Valuations of credits can be tracked by the donor and the recipient. The procedure is handled by us to the best of our knowledge and belief. Occasional time delays must be accepted. The legal process is excluded.

Hamburg d. 15/11/2018
Your Ulango TV team


Explore the IPTV world with the UlangoTV+ Explorer!

Meanwhile, there is so much to report about UlangoTV that we have decided to post another blog entry. This post is specifically for people who currently have a Premium Plus subscription and are using the UlangoTV+ app or have already tested UlangoTV+.


  • New website ulango.tv
  • Premium Plus vs. Premium
  • Video on Demand (VOD)
  • Common operating errors
    a) “plus_only” – network change
    b) No Premium Plus Streams in Test or Subscription – Wrong App
  • “Buffering” – what to do?

New website ulango.tv

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback on our new website , which is now structured much clearer and comes in a more modern look. We get far fewer complaints and error messages because the most important things are now handled by FAQs on the start page and because the users get detailed informations by e-mail in context. Please read our mails!
We are still open to suggestions for improvement of any kind!

Premium Plus vs. Premium

Meanwhile, 4 out of 5 orders are Premium Plus which mostly get 5 star reviews. Unfortunately we are not listed in the Google Play Store any more.  We hope to be back there soon. We want to keep prices low and continue without advertising. Spreading the good news by recommending to a friend or acquaintance is the best way to go. We will rework and communicate the old Golden Key Program shortly, so that the recommendation is rewarded even better.

The special thing about our services is that it is not a static M3U list, but that our offer is constantly on the move.

This blog post has been written to draw attention to important features and pit falls. UlangoTV+ can certainly do more than you already know!

Video on Demand (VOD)

An extension are the new VOD sections. New stuff is added every few days.
So e.g. under Europe -> UK there is a new area VOD IMDB Top 250. From the well-known cinema database IMDB, the most important international 250 films were compiled – each in the original languages.

A new section of VIP Sports will regularly host live events.

Much of our new adult coverage can be found under VOD Misc -> Adult. Prerequisite for the view is the release of the “FSK18” filter in the search queries.

VOD folders are located under AL, DE, ES, FR, IN, IT, SCAND, TR and UK.

Many movies have short descriptions and classifications. Whenever possible they are written  in the language of the movies in both the app and on the website.

As for all our streams, these are only available for as long as we can find streams on the net.

Common User Pitfalls


A common problem is that sometimes, without any special notice, the Premium Plus streams (CSID 84341) appear as “plus_only” and the stream can no longer be played – even though a Premium Plus subscription is active. The reason is always a network change (call with a new external IP address). Such a change happens e.g. when a router is restarted and the provider assigns a new IP or when switching from WLAN to mobile (WAN). In such cases, the change from our server is not immediately granted. Only if no access has been made on the previous network for 30 minutes will it be switched over. UlangoTV needs to be re-invoked to take over this change.
We need to do that so that our streams are not misused by third parties. The provider detects concurrent access from different networks and locks the streams. The stream would be unusable and the money would be gone!
So when “plus_only” shows up, please wait 30 minutes and restart UlangoTV! 

No Premium Plus Streams in Test or Subscription – Wrong App

Occasionally it happens that after completing a premium plus subscription or during the 24h test only the normal Premium streams are seen. The reason is usually that the user still runs the app UlangoTV (2.x), which is reserverded for the simple Premium subscription. Premium Plus requires the most recent version of UlangoTV + (currently 3.1.17).

Fire TV users need to download the app from our website using the “downloader” (http://ulango.tv/uploads/3.apk) – see also our instructions .

“Buffering” – what to do?

Some time ago we had already a blog post on “Stuttering, Freezing, Disconnection: The ongoing Struggle with Free IPTV Streams“. In the meantime, we have gained a lot of new insights and know that there are an incredible number of causes for the same phenomenon over and over again: buffering and freezing of the streams.

With the Premium Plus we were able to exclude major sources of error caused by disconnections by the stream provider. Nevertheless, there are still buffering problems, but much less common. There are conditions that can not be influenced by us or our customers. In these cases, only the decision remains that UlangoTV may not be suitable for this customer in his region, with his provider and with his selection of streams . The Premium Plus subscription can be terminated monthly. This must be announced 14 days in advance. The price will be refunded pro rata with a small administration fee of 3 €. So the risk is very low for our customers and as we think a very fair solution, especially since there is also a free 24h test, as well as the purchase of small daily subscriptions.

So what are the main reasons for buffering despite Premium Plus?

1. Too much bandwidth of the streams. There are now many streams in FHD or even 4k quality (you can always see the resolution of a stream immediately, if you switch in the player on the view “Centered”: the larger the picture the greater the required bandwidth). These streams need at least 100Mb or more, which must be available to the app for their transfers. With a simple WLAN this just doesn’t work.

We know about IP providers, especially in the UK, but also in DE, that bandwidth restrictions are imposed on individual connections and on certain sources (IP addresses), although in sum with multiple transmissions, the bandwidths could be significantly higher.

If such bottlenecks occur, we recommend trying alternative streams at a lower resolution. They are not so sharp, but work seamlessly.

VPN networks to other countries are one way to bypass bandwidth blockers. For this we can not give general recommendations. Everyone has to explore this for themselves, as there are different conditions in each region and with each provider.

2. Too little memory for the APP UlangoTV. The app includes a player that takes as much free memory as possible for buffering. If the device is very busy with respect to memory, it can lead to buffering. Clean up occasionally, especially with the small sticks (end unused apps via the settings or throw them out altogether)

3. Quality issues with the original stream provider. Especially on Match Days (Bundesliga, Champion League, F1 etc.) the run on individual streams is very big. This can lead to bottlenecks at the provider. We try to choose our sources so that sufficient capacity is available. But this is not always possible. Incidentally, weather conditions can also be a cause. We have relatively little influence here.


As you can see, we continue to strive to provide our customers with a comprehensive, affordable and fair service. In particular, we are intensively supporting new customers in their first steps with UlangoTV. Please use preferably email from or by specifying your account email and for subscriptions give us the order number (Rnnnnnnnn).

We wish you much pleasure in exploring the vast IPTV world!

Your Ulango TV team.


Romania live IPTV – UlangoTV on Amazon Fire TV

Romania live IPTV Stream
Romania live IPTV Stream

Digi 24 HD, Kanal D Romania, Atomic, Eurosport 2, 1 Music Channel, Antena 3, TVR 1, Eurosport 1, TVR 2, Realitatea TV, Antena 1, Kiss TV, Discovery Science, DiBi TV, Prima TV, Antena News, Nasul TV, Bit TV Iasi, TVR HD, Impact

UlangoTV for Amazon Fire TV can now be downloaded from the Amazon App Store free of charge. After a short registration you can use about 2,000 international channels . Missing channels can be added by the user with our m3u Importer, simply search for #EXTINF and the station name.

We recommend the Amazon Fire TV Box with 4K Ultra HD

Ulango - Amazon Fire TV Box
UlangoTV – Amazon Fire TV Box
(Auch für Samsung SmartTV)

Turkish live IPTV – UlangoTV on Amazon Fire TV

Turk live IPTV Stream
Turk live IPTV Stream

Kanal D, ATV, Star TV, Show Turk, TV 8, CNN Türk, Power Türk TV, A Spor, Show TV, TRT Spor, TRT 1, A Haber, HABER TURK, Ntv Spor, FOX, TRT 3 Spor, LOCA 1 HD, TRT Cocuk

Amazon Fire TV Box

UlangoTV for Amazon Fire TV can now be downloaded from the Amazon App Store free of charge. After a short registration you can use about 2,000 international channels . Missing channels can be added by the user with our m3u Importer, simply search for #EXTINF and the station name.

We recommend the Amazon Fire TV Box with 4K Ultra HD

Ulango - Amazon Fire TV Box
UlangoTV – Amazon Fire TV Box
(Auch für Samsung SmartTV)