UlangoTV Free IPTV – New in Google Play Store

UlangoTV Free IPTV – New in the Google Play Store –   More than 2000 Royalty Free Channels

This will please all IPTV friends who do not like to spend money and who are fed up with the constant time-consuming search for new m3u lists On the internet.

If you look around for free IPTV streams with the search engines , you will find some in long lists. But much is re-streaming of unlicensed content and thus not legal. UlangoTV is a project that analyzes such search results in terms of quality and license status and compares them with our vast TV channel database.

In the app UlangoTV Free IPTV we only show those streams whose URLs have been publicly known for at least 6 months (yellow) or 6 weeks (blue). If a stream has been publicly known and still works for a long time, then we assume that there is no objection by the content owner to show their streams to the public in this way.

If 6 weeks are too short for you, you can limit yourself to yellow streams which, after all our 4 years of experience, can certainly be viewed royalty free.

If a content owner disagrees with his streams in the UlangoTV Free IPTV App, then he can notify us via abuse@ulango.tv and we will immediately delete the streams from the lists. Because our app always gets the URLs online from our database, deleting them everywhere takes effect immediately.

In addition to these streams, we show channels where we have been explicitly licensed by the content owners. Everyone is welcome to give us their live streams, which we then highlight in our app.

Live Streaming of TV Channels from around the world

The URLs used by the app are constantly updated, so that only functioning streams are displayed im most cases. Currently 2216 Channel from around the world .

Spain: 166 – Germany: 145 – Russian Federation: 140 – Italy: 129 – United States: 127 – Romania: 126 – Turkey: 101 – Brazil: 82 – Great Britain: 65 – France: 56 – Hungary: 52 – Poland: 49 – Albania: 45 – Mexico: 41 – Ukraine: 32 – India: 31 – Greece: 31 – Argentina: 31 – Netherlands: 27 – Colombia: 27 – Serbia: 26 – Bosnia and Herzegovina: 26 – Czech Republic: 26 – United Arab Emirates: 24 – Dominican Republic: 24 – Bulgaria: 24 – Republic of Moldova: 21 – Slovakia: 21 – Peru: 20 – Arabic: 20 – Switzerland: 19 – Austria : 19 – Chile: 18 – Denmark: 16 – Canada: 16 – Thailand: 16 – Honduras: 14 – Iran: 14 – Costa Rica: 13 – Sweden: 13 – Belgium: 13 – Egypt: 13 – Portugal: 12 – Morocco: 11 – Iraq: 11 ……..

How to get the app

This app itself is freely available on the Google Play Store and is also free of advertising!. But if someone wants to make a donation (half of it is always to nonprofit organizations), please contact us at donation@ulango.tv .
On devices that do not have access to the Google Play Store, such as Android TV or Amazon Fire TV, the app can also using the Downloader app (to be downloaded from the Play Store from AFTVnews.com) directly from our website: http://ulango.tv /uploads/free.apk

Visit us on the refreshed page ulango.tv . If we have time, you can talk to us there in our chat.

Gernot Ullrich
Ullrich IT Consulting / UlangoTV


20% New Year Discount on Ulango TV

imgpsh_fullsizeThe real bummer between the years:

Special Price 29 € for 12 Months
2016-12-31 and 2017-01-01

This is a 20% price reduction for our popular UlangoTV IPTV Explorer and Service.
We take online-orders in our Ulango.TV Shop (https://ulango.tv/en/shop) with PayPal Payment only. But we also take bank transfers – just ask info@ulango.tv for wire instructions.

Questions? Feedback?

Please do not hesitate to contact us using the feedback button on our website or just an email to info@ulango.tv.

UlangoTV is quite a complex service with channels backed by a constantly changing set of streams found on the net. We maintain the most comprehensive world-wide coverage of all live IPTV Apps.

A peaceful and happy new year to all our UlangoTV friends!

Best regards,

Your Ulango Team

BTW: Our Golden Key Offer still applies!


Ulango TV – Golden Key Special


golden_keyThe Golden Key Promo allows our Usern to make money by helping us to spread the news about Ulango TV.   Users distribute their personalized Golden Key participate on every order with the Golden Key attached.


Unfortunately we had to withdraw from the Google Play Store, because a few content owners claimed illegal content distribution and did not recognize that content is never distributed from our servers.  Each time we had to argue and fight wich took our energy which we better would like to invest into new developments  So we are more dependent on individual recommendations.  So the idea was that users get rewarded when helping us to spread the news..

The Golden Key – what’s that?

It is a string up to 8 characters long, which is uniquely generated for every user that registers with Ulango TV.  So the Golden Key identifies users without making personal data open to the public.

The user may look up the Golden Key in the Account information of the Website.

What is the Golden Key used for?

The Consumer of the Golden Key gets a Discount

The Golden Key can be distributed by the User and everybody else.  On each Order with Ulango TV with a total value of more than 15 € a single Golden Key can be applied.  A Discount is given – currently 2 €.  A Owner must not consume his own key.

The Owner of the Golden Key gets a Credit

With every key usage the owner of the Golden Key gets rewarded with a credit (currently 2 months Premium or 4 €).  The Credit becomes available after the 14 day refund period of the consumer of the key.

How are the Golden Keys applied?

The product is placed into the shopping cart.  At the bottom there is a field to enter the Golden Key.  Input is case insensitive.  After refresh with the button to the right of the key input field the discount get’s applied.  The golden key is valid als long as the owner’s account exists. A Golden Key can be used everywhere at any time.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-22 um 23.09.07

What happens with the credit?

The credits are accumulated as 2 month extensions of the owner’s Premium subscription. When the resulting runtime of the subscription exceeds 20 months, the user may convert the excess runtime into cash – 4€ per 2 months and may request a money transfer.  Each money transfer may be not less than 16€. The owner of the Golden Key can watch the usage on the account page, from where he also can request money transfers, if applicable. When a subscription of a consumer is terminated and is refunded in part, the credits are reduced proportionally.

Credit status can be monitored by the Owner. The whole procedure is performed ordinarily by Ulango TV.  Short delays during the work flow are have to be accepted.  Recourse to the courts is not permitted.

Hamburg/Berlin d. 23.12.2016
Euer Ulango TV Team


Special EM2016 Offer at UlangoTV

A reason to cheer: The UlangoTV EM Offer

The next big sports event is coming up. From Juni 10 to July 10 the 15th European Soccer Championship 2016 is celebrated in France.


As a Bonus for the “EM 2016” we are offering 13 months UlangoTV Premium for the price of 12.

13 Months UlangoTV

The action is terminated with the first game France vs. Romania June 10, 2016 at 21:00 CET.

UlangoTV – >3.500 international Live Streams

★ Google Play Store – derzeit nicht verfügbar
★ Amazon Fire App Store – https://goo.gl/ij9f64
★ Samsung UserAppStore – https://goo.gl/6mDjCf


UlangoTV 1.9 now from both Amazon App Store and Google Play Store

Update (UlangoTV 1.9.17): More Improvements on the Player

We are using now the brand new libVLC 2.1.0 from the VLC-3.0 development branch. Result is a better viewing of many problematic streams Stream! Thanks to the VideoLan team for it’s great job!

Update (UlangoTV 1.9.9): Improved Player

We have changed our default player. We ale now using the rock solid libVLC 0.9.10, which many of you may know from Version 2.2.1 of VLC available for many platforms. The result is in may cases a much better and stable rendering of streams!


After 3 months of development, we have now been able to place the latest version of our app into the Amazon App Store. Thus, the new features are now available on all devices running Android 4.2.2.

The new features are briefly summarized

  • Support for keypad and touch operation.
  • 20% more streams through RTMP support
  • Account Management (Login / Registration / Device assignment) in the app
  • Mark the “stable” Streams to separate them from the “wobbly”.
  • “Vertical” navigation of stream alternatives for a channel
  • Server-based management of playlists now out of the app
  • Stream feedback popup for notification of errors and corrections
  • Evaluation now without trial with time constraints

Support for Keypad and touch operation.

A major challenge in the app development is the simultaneous support of different types of devices with different input options and form factors.

TVs are typically controlled using the keypad on the remote control. It must always be clear where the focus is and what will be triggered by pressing the OK button.
With touch devices this not required. There is no OK button. The actions are triggered by direct interaction and gesture control.
A further complication arises from the mixing of the two techniques, for example, by using a wireless mouse, such as the Mele F10.

Furthermore, you can rotate touch devices, which already requires different layouts in one device. TV boxes as Amazon Fire TV or MBox (OrbSmart) have to cope with different resolutions of TVs.

UlangoTV 1.9 has addressed as a universal app all these problems.

20% more streams through RTMP support

StreamFeedback - Player UmschaltungThe only drawback of the Android version compared to Samsung SmartHub solution has so far been the lack of support from so-called RTMP (Flash) streams. In UlangoTV 1.9 we use as an alternative to the standard Android MediaPlayer library libVLC of the Videolan player. This library is still in beta testing and we expect further improvements.

Flash Streams will automatically switch to this player. Switching also happens if the default player is not able to process the video signal. The change of the player is also possible manually using the stream-popup (menu button or long click when playing stream)

Account Management (Login / Registration / Device assignment) in the app

MenuThe coupling of new devices to an Ulango.tv account has now become much easier. Login with Facebook or Google or by email / password in the app – that’s all. After that a login is no longer necessary, since the device is identified with a unique address.

For orders, however, you must still visit our web site https://ulango.tv/shop. PayPal currently is the only supported payment method. Using the feedback button you may call us to give you the bank account for direct deposit.

The account management at any time can be reached from the menu, which is itself accessible by swiping from the left or the menu button.

Marking the “stable” Streams

It is in the nature of our concept that we constantly have to fight with inferior quality streams. For better identification we mark the currently good streams with a green dot. That does not mean that the other streams are unusable. The quality of the streams is always a snapshot and can change at any time in both directions.

“Vertical” Navigation Stream Alternatives to Channel

VerticalNaviVery often – particularly for the “wobbly” streams there are more alternatives. Instead of looking at various places with different stream quality, it is now possible to directly navigate to the the alternate streams. If a better playable stream is found, this is detected by the system and we can optimize the entire presentation to the user.

Navigating on touch devices is done with virtual buttons and on keypad with the fastforward and rewind buttons.  (Keys Up and Down are used for fast horizontal navigation between channels.

Server-based management of playlists now out of the app

StreamFeedbackAlle playlists are stored on the central server and are immediately available on all devices. Previously, these could only be maintained through the website. An important step is the setting and removal of channels into the playlists directly in video mode. Given at KeyPad Menu button is used. On touch devices, a long click is made on the video screen or in the description of a stream.

Stream Feedback popup for notification of errors and corrections

043016165028For our concept there is an urgent need to identify and correct bad streams as quickly as possible and incorrect assignments to broadcasters (Channel). At the end, we have built a reporting system, which is also accessible via the stream popup.

Evaluation now without Trial with time constraints

As our development is still in its infancy, new features will be introduced at relatively short intervals. Our Trials were restricted so that only after 6 months new trial could be ordered again. Now only registration is necessary and everyone has the ability to test up to 15 minutes per day.


The New Blog To Go Along With ulango.tv

Why Yet Another Blog?

In this blog we will cover a variety of topics from the field of “Internet and TV”.

In the first place, of course, is our IPTV App “UlangoTV”, which uses our web based IPTV Channel Explorer for easy access to the huge amount of free international IPTV streams directly from your Samsung SmartTV or in the near future from Android devices. Under the heading “UlangoTV News” we will keep you up to date here. Read More