User Manual UlangoTV: Using UlangoTV Streams without the UlangoTV App

Recently I published an overview article talking about a new feature which now allows Users to use our streams on any player: M3U PlayLists were yesterday – or not? UlangoTV without Android !!! 
Now in this document we describe in detail how to use it.

The Universal URL

Play any stream on any IPTV player directly with a single URL!   There is a memory in your server settings which remembers the URL of the stream which was started last.  You can also set this URL by clicking the stream’s Monitor Icon on the website.

The Universal Url is listed in your Account Page like this:

Just paste that URL into your player’s network URL form.   It will never change.  So just set the last stream memory and restart that universal URL to play the stream.

Exporting M3U Links and Lists

When dealing with multiple channels, of cause the Universal URL is not very comfortable.  You would like to enter your favorite channels into a list which you can then carry to any player – may be with hour iPhone when you are on the road and do not have access to your Android App UlangoTV.

This is, where M3U comes into play.  Of cause we still prefer using the App, because you always have the most up to date streams for your channels together with EPG.  But for the main streams with Premium Plus there is not too much fluctuation, so the lists will stay quite stable and you can get EPG from somewhere else.

In principle you get M3U information where ever you see sets of channels displayed on our website.

For example in the picture above: Channel explorer has found 3 channels. a Click on the M3U Icon in the upper right leads you to the M3U page:

In the M3u page you see the .m3u link in the box (upper left).  Open the Network URL form of your player (CTRL/N in VLC) and paste that link into the URL field.  Open the link and the whole list will occur in the VLC main window.   
Other players may need the full list.  You can download with the download symbol or view the list with the eye icon and cut&paste the whole list.

Other M3U List Formats

May be your player needs some special format.  If that is a common format not on our M3U page, please send us example with a description of the player and we will add the format to our list.

Where do I find M3U Icons?

Currently we have Icons on the Favorites page (there you can select all your favorites at once or single lists), the IPTV Channels by Region (probably the most used place to generate M3U from your favorite countries and VOD languages) and the Channel Explorer Search results.

The favorites allow structures better than most other players.   You can have as many Lists as you want, name them describing their content and link them together with index lists.   See User Manual UlangoTV: Hierarchical Favorite Lists for an example and more details.


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