User Manual UlangoTV: Hierarchical Favorite Lists

With a new Server Release on Jan 12, 2019 we introduced an extended Scheme for our Favorite Lists.  With this Scheme you can generate a hierarchy of arbitrary many single Favorite Lists.  The new lists can contain references to Channels, to Regions and to other Favorite Lists!

So just as it was possible to enter single Channels to a Favorite list by clicking a sequence number on a Channel display (in the Channel Explorer) you can now Click on sequence numbers on Regions and on Favorites as well.

So e.g. you can start with an Index list just containing Pointers to your favorite Countries and some pointers to a Sports Index, a Movie Index, etc.
Now rather than having everything in many flat lists, you can organize them much better.

We strongly encourage you to use small lists – each not more than 20 entries. That way the lists can be generated fast without too much server power needed. Every things is just much faster than having lists with 50 or more entries.

If we see too long lists, we will probably split them into an index list an a number of single smaller lists.  So better organize them yourself.

A more detailed description of the Favorit List features will be added her later this month.


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