User Manual UlangoTV: Devices and Account

Basic concepts

For the user, it should be as easy as possible to use the UlangoTV app, so constant repetitive log in should not be required, even if the devices are switched off occasionally or are operated in a different network.
For us, it is important that every user gets exactly what he or she has paid for, no matter where located and how connected with the device.

This is achieved by the fact that devices report two important informations that can be used for the pairing between device and user account: A unique identification of the interface through which the device reports, the so-called MAC address and the IP address of the device seen from the outside.

Both must be sent by the device, otherwise it is not usable for UlangoTV (some devices allow the suppression of MAC transmission – in such a case, the device would be unusable)

It should be noted that the MAC address sent depends on the network interface used by the device. So with smartphones it makes e.g. a difference, whether the device logs on via the mobile network or via WLAN. It is different for Android boxes. whether the registration takes place via WLAN or LAN.

In order for a device to be recognized in other networks too, we store the MAC in the sandbox data of the app during the initial connection. From then on, this MAC is always transmitted, no matter which network method the device connects to! Of course, this data will be lost when reinstalling the app. To get the app to connect again to the same registered device and the UlangoTV account, you should always use the same network for reinstalling – e.g. LAN.

Registration of a device after a new installation in a network with only one account

The easiest way to connect is when the new device is on the same network where the user is currently logged in.

So first log on to (I’m assuming that you have already been registered on If you have a browser still open that was previously logged in to another network, log out and log in again. Now the IP address identifies the user’s account.

Reconnection after fresh installation
If the app is started, it first checks whether the device with the sent MAC is already known and connected to an account. If so, then the device is already paired.

Initial coupling after reinstallation
If the device is already known but not assigned to an account, it will look for an account that is logged into the network whose IP the device has just sent. If there is such an account, then the device will be assigned to the account (unless the limit of 5 devices has already been reached). In the app the email address of the account is shown. This can be used to check whether the right account has been taken.

Pairing impossible because of missing account login
If neither a match is found through the MAC nor the IP address, it means that the user has not logged in to the network.

Registration of a device in a network with several accounts

The pairing of a device becomes more difficult if there are several accounts in the network. In these cases, the IP address is not unique to an account. In these cases, the 4-digit code number helps.

As above, you log in to the destination account. The account menu leads to the page “My Devices”.

Now the app is started. As above, cases are to be distinguished:

The app automatically connects with the correct account.
In this case you are already done. The assignment could be made via the IP address.

The app connects to a wrong account.
One recognizes this by the fact that another email appears than that of the desired account. In this case, you have to log out in the app. A button is located on the first page of the Account Wizard (if it does not open automatically at startup, you can go there via the menu via Account). After logging off, you can proceed to the next step.

The app has not been paired and can be paired with the 4-digit code.
In this case, no email appears, but a request to register. That was already done. You can see a 4-digit number in the header to the right of the logo in the background. Please enter this on the website in the “My Device” page. Now, the pairing is made. The app can now leave and be restarted. It should now automatically connect to the correct account.


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