M3U PlayLists were yesterday – or not? UlangoTV without Android !!!

If you want to know more details about the new M3U feature of UlangoTV, please read this document: User manual UlangoTV: Using the streams without the UlangoTV app

M3U lists – what is this?

M3U Lists are still very popular in the IPTV environment for sending playlists. Most players, such as the well-known VLC and the GSE Smart TV Player, play this format. While the lists were originally used to store music playlists of mp3 files, they are also well suited for listing any media, especially live streams and video files.

The list entries always consist of a header # EXTM3U and two lines each. The first line with the key #EXTINF contains information about the content of the medium, at least the title, often also a region-abbreviation and further parameters. The second line is a URL used to find the media in the network or on local storage.

#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="Super RTL DE" tvg-name="Super RTL DE" tvg-logo="http://ik.imagekit.io/ulangotv/image/upload/6030_logo_super_rtl1.png" group-title="Germany",Super RTL DE

A big problem with using such M3U files is that there are many standards for describing the #EXTINF lines. If one goes in the net on the search for M3U lists, one finds a huge variety of spellings and formats. These make it very difficult to compare lists of different providers and merge. We use a notation that can be used by both VLC and e.g. used by the Smart IPTV app widely used on TVs. Merging of various list formats is necessary, e.g. the enrich data with further information such as logo and EPG data.

Use UlangoTV without Android app with M3U lists !!!

With the all-in-one app UlangoTV we do not need M3U lists. Especially with the merging of M3U lists and comparison with our huge database, we have at Ulango TV best experience and spare the user the annoying search for IPTV sources. However, that only works with our Android-based app.

The M3U lists now give us an opportunity to use the streams we do not normally disclose on other players. So you can use our subscription in principle without having an Android App UlangoTV. The URLs we use in the lists are short links, which are converted into the real links on our server. An authorization check is performed. The parameters lead us to the user and to the desired stream. If the user has a running Premium Plus subscription and the link was sent from the IP under which the user is currently logged in to us, then the stream is released.

There are three places where a Premium Plus subscriber on our website can generate an M3U list:

  • On the favorites lists: Only the Premium Plus streams are listed alphabetically
  • At the regional lists: Regions with streams can be exported to individual M3U lists.
  • On Channel Explorer: A search result is placed in an M3U list (only the first 1000 streams)

I would be happy if there are instructions in the comments on how to use our lists on different players. VLC has already been tested on a variety of operating systems (IOS, MacOS, Windows) and also the GSE Smart TV Player. Of course we can not provide support for other players.

Update 2019-01-01:  The Smart TV Player which is very common on Smart TVs needs a slightly different list format. This can also be generated from the Website by subscribers of UlangoTV Premium Plus.


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