UlangoTV Free IPTV – New in Google Play Store

UlangoTV Free IPTV – New in the Google Play Store –   More than 2000 Royalty Free Channels

This will please all IPTV friends who do not like to spend money and who are fed up with the constant time-consuming search for new m3u lists On the internet.

If you look around for free IPTV streams with the search engines , you will find some in long lists. But much is re-streaming of unlicensed content and thus not legal. UlangoTV is a project that analyzes such search results in terms of quality and license status and compares them with our vast TV channel database.

In the app UlangoTV Free IPTV we only show those streams whose URLs have been publicly known for at least 6 months (yellow) or 6 weeks (blue). If a stream has been publicly known and still works for a long time, then we assume that there is no objection by the content owner to show their streams to the public in this way.

If 6 weeks are too short for you, you can limit yourself to yellow streams which, after all our 4 years of experience, can certainly be viewed royalty free.

If a content owner disagrees with his streams in the UlangoTV Free IPTV App, then he can notify us via abuse@ulango.tv and we will immediately delete the streams from the lists. Because our app always gets the URLs online from our database, deleting them everywhere takes effect immediately.

In addition to these streams, we show channels where we have been explicitly licensed by the content owners. Everyone is welcome to give us their live streams, which we then highlight in our app.

Live Streaming of TV Channels from around the world

The URLs used by the app are constantly updated, so that only functioning streams are displayed im most cases. Currently 2216 Channel from around the world .

Spain: 166 – Germany: 145 – Russian Federation: 140 – Italy: 129 – United States: 127 – Romania: 126 – Turkey: 101 – Brazil: 82 – Great Britain: 65 – France: 56 – Hungary: 52 – Poland: 49 – Albania: 45 – Mexico: 41 – Ukraine: 32 – India: 31 – Greece: 31 – Argentina: 31 – Netherlands: 27 – Colombia: 27 – Serbia: 26 – Bosnia and Herzegovina: 26 – Czech Republic: 26 – United Arab Emirates: 24 – Dominican Republic: 24 – Bulgaria: 24 – Republic of Moldova: 21 – Slovakia: 21 – Peru: 20 – Arabic: 20 – Switzerland: 19 – Austria : 19 – Chile: 18 – Denmark: 16 – Canada: 16 – Thailand: 16 – Honduras: 14 – Iran: 14 – Costa Rica: 13 – Sweden: 13 – Belgium: 13 – Egypt: 13 – Portugal: 12 – Morocco: 11 – Iraq: 11 ……..

How to get the app

This app itself is freely available on the Google Play Store and is also free of advertising!. But if someone wants to make a donation (half of it is always to nonprofit organizations), please contact us at donation@ulango.tv .
On devices that do not have access to the Google Play Store, such as Android TV or Amazon Fire TV, the app can also using the Downloader app (to be downloaded from the Play Store from AFTVnews.com) directly from our website: http://ulango.tv /uploads/free.apk

Visit us on the refreshed page ulango.tv . If we have time, you can talk to us there in our chat.

Gernot Ullrich
Ullrich IT Consulting / UlangoTV


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