M3U PlayLists were yesterday – or not? UlangoTV without Android !!!

If you want to know more details about the new M3U feature of UlangoTV, please read this document: User manual UlangoTV: Using the streams without the UlangoTV app

M3U lists – what is this?

M3U Lists are still very popular in the IPTV environment for sending playlists. Most players, such as the well-known VLC and the GSE Smart TV Player, play this format. While the lists were originally used to store music playlists of mp3 files, they are also well suited for listing any media, especially live streams and video files.

The list entries always consist of a header # EXTM3U and two lines each. The first line with the key #EXTINF contains information about the content of the medium, at least the title, often also a region-abbreviation and further parameters. The second line is a URL used to find the media in the network or on local storage.

#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="Super RTL DE" tvg-name="Super RTL DE" tvg-logo="http://ik.imagekit.io/ulangotv/image/upload/6030_logo_super_rtl1.png" group-title="Germany",Super RTL DE

A big problem with using such M3U files is that there are many standards for describing the #EXTINF lines. If one goes in the net on the search for M3U lists, one finds a huge variety of spellings and formats. These make it very difficult to compare lists of different providers and merge. We use a notation that can be used by both VLC and e.g. used by the Smart IPTV app widely used on TVs. Merging of various list formats is necessary, e.g. the enrich data with further information such as logo and EPG data.

Use UlangoTV without Android app with M3U lists !!!

With the all-in-one app UlangoTV we do not need M3U lists. Especially with the merging of M3U lists and comparison with our huge database, we have at Ulango TV best experience and spare the user the annoying search for IPTV sources. However, that only works with our Android-based app.

The M3U lists now give us an opportunity to use the streams we do not normally disclose on other players. So you can use our subscription in principle without having an Android App UlangoTV. The URLs we use in the lists are short links, which are converted into the real links on our server. An authorization check is performed. The parameters lead us to the user and to the desired stream. If the user has a running Premium Plus subscription and the link was sent from the IP under which the user is currently logged in to us, then the stream is released.

There are three places where a Premium Plus subscriber on our website can generate an M3U list:

  • On the favorites lists: Only the Premium Plus streams are listed alphabetically
  • At the regional lists: Regions with streams can be exported to individual M3U lists.
  • On Channel Explorer: A search result is placed in an M3U list (only the first 1000 streams)

I would be happy if there are instructions in the comments on how to use our lists on different players. VLC has already been tested on a variety of operating systems (IOS, MacOS, Windows) and also the GSE Smart TV Player. Of course we can not provide support for other players.

Update 2019-01-01:  The Smart TV Player which is very common on Smart TVs needs a slightly different list format. This can also be generated from the Website by subscribers of UlangoTV Premium Plus.


UlangoTV Premium Plus Newsletter December 2018

Golden Key Incentive Program

Good news again for our loyal customers.  Our new Golden Key Incentive Program has been implemented and is ready to use.
For every new customer who orders with your Golden Key you now get 15€ or 2 month P+ !!   So please tell your friends.   Currently we have a  Handling Charge of 10€ for each new customer.   This will become less when we see that more people come to us without reference from an existing customer.

Once again there is much to report. It does not get easier – the IPTV world. The more we become known, the more annoyed some providers seem to be because you can find so many interesting streams from the Internet through our app. They mean we are an illegal ReStreamer. We are not – we do not copy content but only pass URLs of the ReStreamer, as the search engines do. But still both Amazon and Google have taken us out of their app stores. But fortunately, there are other methods to install our app – the most important ones are described below.

Blockades of ReStreamers

In some countries, especially the UK, authorities and providers have begun to consistently block the ReStreamer servers – at first only during major sporting events – and now at other times too. Unfortunately, this also affects the Premium Plus streams. The only way to safely bypass these locks are VPN networks to foreign countries. We can not give any general recommendations here, since these nets are also the target of blockades. And the better known the nets the greater the likelihood of blockings. But you may like to ask me for a solution in the chat ;-). The providers are indeed very creative to find new blocking techniques. But so far there have always been ways out. If it gets really bad, unfortunately the only the way is to terminate the subscription. That goes with the Premium Plus to month sections with a 14-day lead.

Experience has shown that the blockades are never longer term and that the ReStreamer always find ways to publicize their offers. So please do not give up too fast.

Favorites lists

For a long time there was the problem that red streams could not be placed in the favorites. The error is now fixed.
It is also fixed that under certain conditions the favorites could not be filled from the stream form.

One more word about the very long favorites lists. The lists must be compiled individually for each user. This generates an enormous amount of computation each time the list is called, if the lists should exactly match the current state in our database. To put a cap on this, starting from 50 entries per list, we use a cache which is not updated more than once in 2 hours. Even 50 is still very much. I recommend smaller lists of up to 20 entries to use, which then load very quickly. It is possible to use any number of lists with meaningful names.
In any case, navigation over the given channel lists is much faster. They are updated every 10 minutes, are transmitted in compressed form and are super fast. Navigating via swipe or using DPAD / up / down is also very fast, even with very long lists.

Search Orders – FSK18

Let me remind you that VOD and XXX Channel can only be seen if the checkbox “Want FSK18” has been clicked on the website in the search orders (do not forget to refresh at the bottom of the page). FSK18 is a German term indicating stuff that should only be watched by adults from 18 up.

We have created filters to limit the stream selection. Most people use the “No search limits” button. When that switch is set, of course, individual filters no longer need to be set. When these filters are cleared, the page loads much faster.

VOD subtitles and VLC upgrade

There are now increasingly streams that have subtitles in multiple languages. So far you could not evaluate this in the app. From version 3.1.18 there is an extension in the app. Now not only the audio tracks but also the subtitles can be selected via the video popup. The latest version is already available from http://ulango.tv/uploads/3beta.apk. It also includes an upgrade to a newer version of internally used libVLC (3.0.4).

New versions

A comment on new versions. There are now more and more changes that can only be realized through a new version of the app. Unfortunately, upgrades can no longer be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Amazon App Store. So I would like to urge you to switch to the installations by downloading from our website (SideLoad). The procedures are well-proven and will be described below. I do not want to see any more versions <3.1.17. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of installations.

Our new online chat

Recently, we offer an online chat (bottom right) on our website. If I’m online, then you can contact me directly there. Please register on the website first, so that I do not have to ask so much. For me, this is a good “brain jogging”. Much like simultaneous chess on several boards. Let’s see how long I can stand it 😉

The Universal URL – UlangoTV streams on every player !!

Most likely, most of you have not noticed this new feature and its meaning is unclear.

There is always the desire to run a TV channel or film on a device on which the app UlangoTV is not running. So, for example on your Windows PC, on Linux on the Mac, on the iPhone or Apple TV, on the ChromeCast, on the SmartTV, etc. We will certainly never have our app on all these devices. we simply do not have the time. But of course the streams run everywhere, provided you know their URL. You know that for various reasons we do not issue M3U lists with our URLs. One reason is the sheer size and update frequency. We typically have> 25,000 streams with updates every 10 minutes. The moment you would have loaded the list, it would be outdated again. Another reason is that the lists are all personalized so you can only run with your IP. Once the lists would be used elsewhere, your account would be suspended.

What is the solution? A personalized URL for every Premium Plus user. This URL can be found in your account page on ulango.tv in the status. This URL can be entered once in any player – e.g. the VLC, which runs everywhere. The URL never changes. And it’s playing the last stream you’ve started in the UlangoTV app. So that there is no hassle with changing IP addresses, the player should be in the same network.

Sounds a bit like magic, right? But it is easy. The Universal URL is dynamically converted at our server into the actual Stream URL. But please do not try to hack or distribute the StreamURLs. You will destroy your own account – and money is gone.

Installation methods

Fire TV

The last version that could be downloaded from the Amazon Store was 3.1.8. Many of the Premium Plus users are still stuck on this version. This version is still working, but newer features such as logout / login for account selection and the choice of subtitle languages ​​are not implemented there. The basic procedure is described in my blog article “Installing Apps on the Fire TV without the Amazon App Store (revised June 2018)”. The simplest version is the use of the “Downloader”, which you can download for free from the Amazon Store: Downloader download.

It is important that you make arrangements before downloading the app UlangoTV +:

  1. The old version must be completely deleted. Go to the un Settings => Applications => Manage Installed Apps => UlangoTV+ => Uninstall => Uninstall. Once a version has been installed in this way, this is no longer necessary for later versions.
  2. Loading from sources of unknown origin must be allowed: Go to Settings => Device => Developer Options => Apps from unknown Sources => Turn on

UlangoTV+ can then be downloaded with the Downloader by entering the URL http://ulango.tv/uploads/3.apk. For newer beta enter  …./3beta.apk. The loaded APK is placed under the files and can be reinstalled from there in case of problems.
You can also at any time go back to the downloaded version of Amazon: Uninstall UlangoTV+ from the app settings. The logo with the download cloud stays and from there you can load the old version again.

Android TV e.g. Sony Bravia

Previously, it could be installed directly from the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the app UlangoTV+ is no longer listed there.Now it has to be done via the “SideLoad” installation.

The easiest way is as for the Amazon Fire TV via the Downloader app (from AFTVnews.com). This can be found in the Play Store (search for downloader aftv)

Another method is possible if the .APK is already loaded on another Android device. With the app “ES File Explorer” on both sides it is possible to send or receive apps. To install, you must have enabled downloading apps from unknown sources in developer mode. Several videos about Sideload Android TV can be found on Youtube. Since the apps loaded in this way do not appear in the home screen, the additional use of the “Sideload Launcher” makes sense here.

Any Android SmartPhone or tablet or Android box

Previously, it could be installed directly from the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the app UlangoTV+ is no longer listed there. But it can now be downloaded directly from our website – e.g. loaded with the Chrome browser from http://ulango.tv/uploads/3.apk. Get the newer beta from …./3beta.apk.Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinmail

UlangoTV Free IPTV – New in Google Play Store

UlangoTV Free IPTV – New in the Google Play Store –   More than 2000 Royalty Free Channels

This will please all IPTV friends who do not like to spend money and who are fed up with the constant time-consuming search for new m3u lists On the internet.

If you look around for free IPTV streams with the search engines , you will find some in long lists. But much is re-streaming of unlicensed content and thus not legal. UlangoTV is a project that analyzes such search results in terms of quality and license status and compares them with our vast TV channel database.

In the app UlangoTV Free IPTV we only show those streams whose URLs have been publicly known for at least 6 months (yellow) or 6 weeks (blue). If a stream has been publicly known and still works for a long time, then we assume that there is no objection by the content owner to show their streams to the public in this way.

If 6 weeks are too short for you, you can limit yourself to yellow streams which, after all our 4 years of experience, can certainly be viewed royalty free.

If a content owner disagrees with his streams in the UlangoTV Free IPTV App, then he can notify us via abuse@ulango.tv and we will immediately delete the streams from the lists. Because our app always gets the URLs online from our database, deleting them everywhere takes effect immediately.

In addition to these streams, we show channels where we have been explicitly licensed by the content owners. Everyone is welcome to give us their live streams, which we then highlight in our app.

Live Streaming of TV Channels from around the world

The URLs used by the app are constantly updated, so that only functioning streams are displayed im most cases. Currently 2216 Channel from around the world .

Spain: 166 – Germany: 145 – Russian Federation: 140 – Italy: 129 – United States: 127 – Romania: 126 – Turkey: 101 – Brazil: 82 – Great Britain: 65 – France: 56 – Hungary: 52 – Poland: 49 – Albania: 45 – Mexico: 41 – Ukraine: 32 – India: 31 – Greece: 31 – Argentina: 31 – Netherlands: 27 – Colombia: 27 – Serbia: 26 – Bosnia and Herzegovina: 26 – Czech Republic: 26 – United Arab Emirates: 24 – Dominican Republic: 24 – Bulgaria: 24 – Republic of Moldova: 21 – Slovakia: 21 – Peru: 20 – Arabic: 20 – Switzerland: 19 – Austria : 19 – Chile: 18 – Denmark: 16 – Canada: 16 – Thailand: 16 – Honduras: 14 – Iran: 14 – Costa Rica: 13 – Sweden: 13 – Belgium: 13 – Egypt: 13 – Portugal: 12 – Morocco: 11 – Iraq: 11 ……..

How to get the app

This app itself is freely available on the Google Play Store and is also free of advertising!. But if someone wants to make a donation (half of it is always to nonprofit organizations), please contact us at donation@ulango.tv .
On devices that do not have access to the Google Play Store, such as Android TV or Amazon Fire TV, the app can also using the Downloader app (to be downloaded from the Play Store from AFTVnews.com) directly from our website: http://ulango.tv /uploads/free.apk

Visit us on the refreshed page ulango.tv . If we have time, you can talk to us there in our chat.

Gernot Ullrich
Ullrich IT Consulting / UlangoTVFacebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinmail