UlangoTV – Golden Key Incentive Program

Action 3 for 1 extended til July, 2019

Two Three months Premium Plus or € 15 €25 per new customer

With the Golden Key Incentive Program , we are enabling our users to profitably disseminate Ulango TV. Users distribute their personal Golden Key and benefit from every new customer who makes a first 3-or-more-month-order with this key.


Much better than any advertisement is the recommendation of satisfied users to friends. Many of you already do that through benevolent reviews and have already found new customers under the old rules. In this new version we want to increase the incentive even further.

The Golden Key – what is it?

It is a code up to 8 characters long, which is uniquely generated for each Ulango TV registered user. So it identifies the user without disclosing his personal information.

The user finds his golden key in his account summary on the website.

What is the Golden Key used for?

The recipient of the Golden Key gets a discount

The Golden Key can be distributed by the user without restrictions. A Golden Key can be used for every first order of a 3-or-more-month UlangoTV+ Premium Plus subscription. In each case a discount is granted – currently € 2. For a Golden Key to be used, certain rules must be met – see more below.

The giver of the Golden Key gets credit

Each time the key is redeemed when a subscription for 3 month or  more is placed first, the Golden Key giver receives a credit of 2 months Premium Plus! which becomes effective immediately when the new subscription has been started.

Golden Key award rules

    1. The use of a Golden Key will only take effect when the GK-Giver has already had a Premium Plus subscription (this is, because we assume that the GK-Giver will save us some support expenses and should know our service 🙂
  1. The use of a Golden Key will only take effect if the order is the first Premium Plus Order for at least 3 month.

How are Golden Keys applied?

The product is placed in the shopping cart as normal. In the last step of the checkout, you will find the box for entering the Golden Key. Case does not matter. After updating with the button next to it, the discount is activated. The Golden Key is valid as long as the donor’s account exists.

What happens to the credits?

The credits are accumulated and consist of 2-month extensions of the Premium Plus. As soon as at least 4 such credits accumulate, the credits can be paid out as cash in the amount of 15 € 25€ per credit! The donor can also find out about the status of the credits on the account page.

Users who try to override our rules with multiple accounts are retroactively excluded from the GK program.  Valuations of credits can be tracked by the donor and the recipient. The procedure is handled by us to the best of our knowledge and belief. Occasional time delays must be accepted. The legal process is excluded.

Hamburg d. 15/11/2018
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