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It’s great that you found your way to us. Promised: It will be an interesting TV experience!  Thousands of stations from all over the world want to be discovered – as many as nowhere else!

You can explore this world in two different ways:


You have probably already seen it on our website:
UlangoTV is now available in two versions: UlangoTV Free IPTV Explorer and UlangoTV+ EPG-IPTV Explorer


  • UlangoTV Free is the entry level version for Free IPTV Viewing
  • UlangoTV+ is the comfort version for Premium Plus subscribers and for Premium Plus 24h tests – there you will surely find your favorite channel


The app is constantly being improved. The latest versions of UlangoTV are available on our website: http://ulango.tv/downloads ( UlangoTV, UlangoTV+).

An installation description can be found in the User manual UlangoTV: Installation. If you want to download the app to Amazon Fire TV, please follow the instructions “Install apps on Fire TV without Amazon App Store (revised Jan 2019)”. The easiest way is to use the app “downloader” to download directly from our website (http://ulango.tv/uploads/free.apk or http://ulango.tv/uploads/plus.apk).

What can you expect from UlangoTV?

For us it is very important that the expectations of our users are set right from the start, because UlangoTV is in many ways different from most products in the IPTV market.

We don’t copy content from content owners and certainly not from illegal re-streamers to our servers. We rather search the net with our search engine for stream URLs, which we then – filtered and enriched with channel information – pass on to our player – the UlangoTV IPTV Explorer. Every user uses our app to establish direct connections to a variety of streaming servers. Often there are several alternatives to a channel, which can be selected in the app.

Our service

If you have searched the net yourself, you know that there are millions of URLs to be found, but that only a very small fraction actually works permanently.

Our task is to sift through this tangled web of thousands of new streams every day and to sort out old URLs as quickly as possible. That is a gigantic constant expenditure, which we offer as service and let us pay with a small charge.

The special thing about UlangoTV is that your lists are always automatically kept up to date. No more annoying daily reloading of m3u lists. Every day new streams are added or old ones are replaced by better ones. Everything in the background without your doing. A highlight are the arbitrarily nested structured favorite lists. Choose your channels, series or movies on the website. We search automatically for the best streams User Manual UlangoTV: Hierarchical Favorite Lists

Quality of streams and tips

With this quantity of streams, which changes daily, it can happen that a station is not covered at all or only with very bad streams. Please do not complain about the quality of streams. We do our best to maintain good coverage. Better call our attention to problems via our StreamFeedback form (you can get there e.g. by positioning the channel in the channel list and then pressing the menu button or the long touch on the information on the right). There you can also tell us if you came across a stream that has no audio or that was assigned to a wrong station. We regularly reward our particularly active users with free months. The close contact to our users is very important to us. Via a chat integrated into the website, you can often reach us directly and we spread news via a Facebook group, which every Premium Plus subscriber can join. We do not advertise and rely solely on referrals from our satisfied users via our UlangoTV – Golden Key Incentive Program.

EPG and Premium Plus Option

An electronic program guide is integrated into the app. We get the data from an Open Source Project Rytec. We show hints to the running program and the follow-up and for quick orientation.

With the Premium Plus options we serve users who have special requirements for the quality of the streams and are willing to pay a little more for them. You should test this option if you experience excessive connection problems with the normal version or if you don’t have enough channels to choose from.

Your opinion is important to us

We answer some frequently asked questions in our FAQ on the homepage of our website (http://ulango.tv#faq).  A link list can be found at the end of this article.

Naturally we are pleased about each positive evaluation and recommendation in your circle of acquaintances. But please leave out the evaluation of individual streams and evaluate the app in the context addressed.

We also welcome feedback via the red feedback button on the left side of our website and promise to answer every question promptly. Recently you can also contact us directly via the chat on the bottom right!

Further questions? Feedback?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us – as mentioned before, either with the red feedback button or via chat on our website ulango.tv (http://ulango.tv) or email to support@ulango.tv.

And it’s very cheap!

A yearly subscription costs 98.40€ for the Premium Plus. For a 3-month subscription we charge 27.60€. We accept online orders with immediate activation in the shop of ulango.tv (https://ulango.tv), but only with Credit Card. Bank transfers are also possible – with the order you get the corresponding bank details.

It is possible that our offer does not match your requirements. No problem – of course you have the legally prescribed 14-day right of withdrawal with full remuneration. However, we always recommend a short test of the Premium Plus option. Because the true value of UlangoTV often only becomes clear after prolonged use. Example: You like watching music videos? With UlangoTV you’ll find music channels you’ve probably never heard of before.

We know that UlangoTV is a quite complex service with thousands of TV stations, which are served with a constantly changing amount of streams of different quality from the free Internet in the background. We are the platform that makes most of the world’s broadcasters visible on TV with just a few clicks. We need your feedback for further improvements.

We wish you many good experiences and a lot of fun using our UlangoTV IPTV Explorer.

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