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Why Yet Another Blog?

In this blog we will cover a variety of topics from the field of “Internet and TV”.

In the first place, of course, is our IPTV App “UlangoTV”, which uses our web based IPTV Channel Explorer for easy access to the huge amount of free international IPTV streams directly from your Samsung SmartTV or in the near future from Android devices. Under the heading “UlangoTV News” we will keep you up to date here.

Many users of our site already know the popular blog by Sven Ullrich. Because his blog existed long before and Sven was the main initiator of the ulango initiative, many topics regarding UserAppStore and IPTV viewing on Samsung SmartTV were covered by his blog.  In the future we will gradually separate ulango issues from  While will keep covering modern TV technology in general, this blog will concentrate on IPTV which now is the main focus of

We will present international reports on certain regions of the world – if possible in the respective languages.

We will include subject areas, for example, sports, entertainment, knowledge, news, children, music and others.

We will report on technologies related to the Internet and TV, such as streaming protocols, streaming boxes and interesting hardware.


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